Cool Day

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by cowofsteel, Jun 23, 2002.

  1. Today was a kick ass day. I woke up at 11 from the phone. I picked it up and it was my friend. He was at the ski site and wanted to do some Wake and Bake. I had just bought an 1/8 of some nice nuggies last week and had half left still! I said sure so we rolled around and smoked like 4 bowls. Than i went home and like 15min later my new friends came over and wanted to smoke. So one of them rolled a nice big fat J and we smoked that up. Than we went to my friends who is in ND house. He is having a friend of his watch the house so we went there and smoked with him and my freinds older bro. So than we went home and my OTHER friend showed up and we smoked another 4 bowls. About than his freind showed up with an new 1/8 and he matched me like 3 bowls. Than everyone left expect 2 ppl and we rolled and smoked another J. So now I'm sitting here about to go steal some of my dad's pot (we smoked all mine) and get even more high since i still have a buzz. Now wouldn't you call this the ideal day?
  2. nice. That sounds like one satisfyingly stone-tastic day. I love days like that. My 420 was similar, except with about 10x that much smokin :)

    Pot-days without a hitch = make all the other crap worth it
  3. since you didnt mention you having sex with a pretty woman i'm gonna have to say it's not an ideal day in my opinion but it does sound like a pretty good day
  4. yeah, i think cool day describes it well, but ideal is pushing it

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