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  1. Yesterday me and my buddy were heading to the head shop but we decided to go to the mall parking lot and toke up in my car before. Were on out second bowl, and OUT OF NOWHERE, this cop walks by the drivers side. By this time im scared shitless, cause one more time caught and I have to go to court. So he puts his head down to my level, but doesnt stick his head in the car and hes just like, "can you boys take this elsewhere?", so we said thanks and left. We finished the bowl on the way to the headshop and then munched out after at Wendy's.
    Moral of the story, not all cops are bad.

  2. they can be dicks too ...... one stomped out half O for me :(
  3. wowwwwwwwwwww what a chill ass cop lucky bastard
    the only cop id been fucked with is the school officer
    he was an asshole to the extreme, an he gave my mom home dts
  4. 1 In a million. Good thing you didn't get busted. Thats why I like to drive around when im smoking in my car.
  5. Yeah, but then I end up packing 6 bowls for all five people in the car and then I'm out of gas AND weed. I hate cruising.

  6. what are complainin about. He could of took it and arrested you
  7. I cannot imagine any cop I ever heard of that would do that. you are lucky dude. whenever i smoke in my car it's always in a church parking lot where there's not going to be anyone there unless it's dark then I can smoke everywhere especially in the parking lot of white castle where I can satisfy my munchies :)
  8. Motherfucker, you have no idea how lucky you are. If that happened to me I'd start thanking God. Cops always have givin me a hard time...
  9. Man... every situation I've been in with a cop could have been so easily avoided. For example if when someone yelled "COPS!" I had ran instead of thought "What an idiot... there's no cops out here... way in the middle of no where..." I would have been fine. But I didn't. And well... the conclusion of the story or whatever is that it's nice to occassionally get a nice understanding reasonable cop. Most of you will never experience that in your entire life. So don't even think about not becoming bitter towards all forms of L.E.
  10. They're doing their jobs. Why should cops risk their jobs to help out someone like you?

    If you dont like the law enforcement, then change the laws guys. Most people will openly say they hate cops, etc etc, but how many of you have actually called your state house or your senators?
  11. like that will change the laws i cant even vote so it wouldnt do any good and some cops are decent i dont hate them just hate the ones that go out of their way to be a dick but if i get caught breakin the law i am willing to take the punishment for doing the crime
  12. On the surface what you say may hold a faint notion of truth but when you actually think about it... what is their job?

    "To protect the people"

    I'm not hurting anybody. Hell, I'm not even hurting myself.

    You don't think that's what a cops job is? Well maybe you think it's to

    "Enforce the Laws put forwards by the State"

    Well I can't remember any law saying that cops must try to unconsitutionally search you at every opportunity.

    I don't hate cops for doing their jobs... I hate them for HOW they do it.


    Further example:

    George W. Bush... Plenty of hate for the poor guy. He's just doing his job... oh no... what's the President's job?

    "To Lead the country to the best of his capabilities"

    Well... he's doing the best he can... not the brightest guy around. Well... I still hate him. But he's doing his job... so I see some conflict here...


    You see what I'm trying to say now?
  13. He is doing his best to fill his and his friends pockets with dirty money , and the guy is not poor and should be hung by the left nut, pardon my language but the guy is a dooche and deserves no respect no matter who he is prez or no prez a person with such leadership ,greed , and intelligence desrves nothing more then what i said above , as for cops i agree with what you said , i dont hate them for doing their jobs but its how they do them.

    WADE 2
  14. y cant u vote
  15. LOL! I think someone's busted.

    But to me, there's no such thing as a "cool" cop. Maybe lenient, but I wouldn't consider them cool.
  16. I've smoked with a cop.:p
  17. ill give you 2 examples of a cool cop.

    one was my neighbor before he moved. i was walking home red-eyed right after smoking with my friend about last october. i was kind of walking in a bee-line and playing with my hands while looking at the ground. when i hear something moving next to me, i look up and see him in his crown vic rolling his window down and saying "nice day sir. you look awfully tired at such an early time. have you been smoking marijuana by any chance?" i busted out laughing because i was trying to play it off. he tells me to come by his house later because he wants to talk to me. when i went to his house, he showed me some of the bongs he confiscated, and he said that he gives em to his buddies sons and their friends. he would have given me one if i didnt live right next to him he says, he said he didnt want to worry about me accidentally telling on him. i wouldnt have, but DAMN, he had such nice bongs, and me being the newbie stoner, i was like oh my fucking god i have to have one of these lol. he was a cool guy, wish there were more like him.

    the next cop, was my friend's uncle. he was such a fucking pimp you wouldnt believe it. he had so many baby mama's it wasnt even funny. he must have been crooked as hell because he had a brand new Z3 bimmer and a 96 impala super sport. once he took me, his nephew and one of his nephew's friends to his house, and i found handguns laying under couch cushions and shit. i KNOW the guy fucking smoked, but he never ever said he did. all im saying is, he's too fucking rich to be a honest hard working cop. but i liked this crooked ass cop, because whenever me and my friend would get in trouble by the neighbors for fucking shit up, if he was there, he'd pull us out of it by pretending to chew us the fuck up in front of them.

    cops are just doing their job when they arrest you for weed and shit. they dont want to get fired because of letting some fucking stoner go. if they knew you before they were a cop, theyd probably be a lot cooler than what you think of them as. but if you have any weed on you, and they are on duty, they are an enemy.

  18. maybe he's an illegal immigrant?
  19. His name does have convict in it. Felony= not guns or voting

  20. he cant vote cause of felony charges

    EDIT: I didnt see bongzillas post

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