Cool Cod Kills Youve Gotten While High?

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    Sorry if this is in the wrong section, I wasn't sure whether to post this here or in general.
    Are there any really cool COD kills you've gotten while high? And do you play better sober or high?
    For me, I play much better when smoking. It feels like I literally zone in on every moving pixel and my reaction time is so much better it feels like I'm playing in slow motion. That only happens when I'm playing WITHOUT my headphones on. If I smoke and play with my headphones, I literally camp dark corners the entire time because I'm so scared and paranoid about someone coming to kill me. It's much more fun than it sounds. Really intense.
    Probably the coolest I've gotten so far is in Black Ops 2. I was really baked off of an edible, and both teams only needed 1 more kill to win. I was playing on the map Standoff. I was playing with my headphones on and was camping inside of a building. I was moving around so much and setting Claymores and Bouncing Bettys everywhere because I was paranoid about someone coming out of nowhere. I look out the same window for probably the 6th time and see a tiny ass pixel from sprinting from across the map. I was all out of primary ammo (I use FAL) so I switched to my handgun and aimed. Shot twice, both shots connected. The second shot went into his head, and everyone in the lobby got to see it.  :hello: And since Black Ops 2 has the recording feature, I got to save the replay. Almost everyone quit before the next match though because they thought I was hacking. 

  2. I play better sober, but I have way more fun while high. Either way I have to have one or two warm up matches before i'm in the zone.
     As for cool kills, all of them. I pull some pretty impressive feats lol
  3. Baked as baked could be NOW and the other day when I got this


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  4. Cool cod kills eh? One time i was fishing and caught a salmon and beat the shit out of it till it was dead. But not cod. I have also done trout. One time I caught a warm cod and threw it back because I only kill cool cods.
  5. That's awesome!

    Hell ya, I was 78-0 the other day on studio and someone rage quit and the host didn't migrate, I was shitttty
  6. Was there ever an explanation on the whole

    “Nuketown 24/7 we never close”
  7. God damn you're hardcore. 
  8. I love playing sticks and stones you get some crazy kills in that gametype same with sharpshooter
  9. Too high to type :D JK Atleast 46 kills while fucked as shit high
  10. Not that big on multiplayer... Some days in on and rape and other days I struggle to break even in k/d.
    zombies is where its at. That I play better baked. Yesterday I felt like revisiting transit and got stuck playing with two 5 year old kids and some really hood sounding dude. All three died, so I teleport to try to revive them. By the time I get there, they're all almost dead and there's a shit ton of zombies. Two died (conveniently the 5 yr olds) and the last dude is about to die as I'm killing a herd of zombies. My screen got as red as it can be before you die twice as I weave thru the zombies at the diner where they were down. By some miracle I pull it off and save the hood dude. He says he owed me his life and said he'd die for me haha. We them proceeded to talk about blunts and our respective wake and bakes (this is at like 9am). Turns out he was a stoner as well. The five year olds then left when we started talking about drug usage. My heart was pounding. I get sucked into zombies when I play it but that's one of the few times I've felt the adrenalin running thru my veins like that. Something I've never experienced in multiplayer.
  11. i got a few all on my youtube video, its us 3 guys drinking and toking talking about anything that arises from symbolism to outrageous claims and theories. pretty good kills too, im the noob then we have a normal player and a pro player. discussing the game too.
  12. i havent had any cool cod kills but i can tell u about some epic bf3 kills
  13. Was playing on drone last night, S&D. I was last man standing, running a pistol class with two combat axes & scavenger. I hit one guy right in front of me with the tomahawk, then turned around and got another guy about to backstab me. Scavenger reclaimed both tomahawks, I chuck them both straight up in the air, and they both landed in the last two guys camping inside the building with the robot arms. I was streaming it too, I'll see if I can find it later
    Too high to type up a nice kill like you guys have but i have some "cool" CoD MW3 kills saved in theathre. Arkaden Kill Confirmed, climbin up the stairs of the Arkaden building totin my PKP Pecheneg ExtendedMag, teammate behind me. Guys on my radar at top of stairs, get to the top, their inside the door, two start running out and I see two more in the building. My team is 1 kill confirm away from win.

    I SPRAYED those 4 dudes up. GW KC only shows 3 of the kills, but it was the icing on top of the cake.
    (Not to start an argument...)
    While I've had COOL kills like this on CoD... I've had EPIC kills on BF3. Recently, Kharg Island, Conquest, 500%. Im on US side in the F/A-18E Super Hornet  Jet. I'm chasing another jet, high above the beach past Bravo Flag, the guy starts flying straight up, then flips backwards towards the ground, im right on his tail so i absolutely LIGHT him up with the machine gun, Kill1. As i finish my own backflip towards the ground, I'm now headed straight towards the construction site at Charlie flag. I notice the tank right on the flag that is spotted, a friendly attack helicopter was attacking him as he was killing some friendly infantry defending Charlie, so i switch to my guided missile, lock-on and shoot, i then pull up and aim at the big building at Charlie to light up the sniper on top of it which i spotted while in the guided missile screen, soon as i kill him, my missile hits the tank and gives me a triple kill (sniper on rooftop and 2 people in the tank) right as I do a barrel roll and evade hitting the building and i fly away to safety as someone starts locking on to me with a stinger. 
    I wish BF3 had theatre mode...
  15. I get so stoned that killing even one guy gets difficult in multiplayer.
  16. Bridge to bridge no scope with the m40 on overgrown on cod 4 hardcore search. It was from the opposite side grizz got his on. I was just messin around and i could never do it again but it was sweet. The only way i can play the new cod games which is any after mw2 i have ti be high or i cant play it because all i do is rage about how bad they fucked the game up, i still tear shit ip its just not as fun as it used to be. Its all about that oldschool gears of war.
    Exactly this. I will go have a quick smoke session, then bring my son in and play some MW3. Completely clear minded, I'm much better, but don't have as much fun. After smoking, my son and I laugh at the stupid shit I do on there and gives us something to crack jokes about and bond with. He's still young, but totally a gamer, and since baseball season is over, we can bond over video games, camping in the yard or working on baseball fundamentals in the offseason.
  18. Best I ever had was back in the first Modern Warfare. Was using .50 Barrett sniper was on top of a building looking over to another building (same height) and I was zoomed in right. Well for some reason I unzoomed cause I was high as shit and the instant I did that I pulled the trigger and got a double head shot THROUGH a wall. 
    To this day I remember it like it was yesterday. One of the most surprising kills I've ever gotten in any video game. 
    I was also a semi-pro in Halo 2 and if any of you were good you know how many random frag kills you would get in that game. This one tops all of those.  :bongin:
  19. Baseball! I love it.
  20. I could never get into Black Ops 2. The original Black Ops was sooooooo much better. The maps, the guns, the locations everything was much much better. I had so many good times playing that game with friends around at my place, drinking beers and just having a laugh.
    Maybe i'm just bored of it now because I've owned every single CoD since World at War. Never even got to a high enough level to prestige in Black Ops 2 because I thought it was so boring.

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