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Cool ass cop

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by arblahblah, May 10, 2011.

  1. so i was thinkin about how last weekend me and some friends were cruisin around. we smoked 4 chronic joints between the 3 of us and then someone had the brilliant fucking idea to go to the park, which closes at 10:30 and it was like 11:30 so of course a cop shows up. we're all blazed as fuck and my friend has like a half in his pocket lol. the cop was askin us if we were smokin and we denied it and he kept askin about our highness (it was obvious) and then he finally just told us to leave and went on his way. any close calls where a cop was just cool for u guys?
  2. Lol, big mistake lying to a cop when you're blitzed. Surprised he didn't book you guys, probably blazed himself haha.
  3. He kept asking about your highness? He should know that its rude to speak of his majesty the King so informally!
  4. lmao i get it
  5. only logical explanation.
  6. uhh what? it's never a big mistake lying to a cop. Lmao

    well depending on the situation. But not that one.
  7. This cop pulled me over one night while I was stoned, and I started tripping, because I was all alone, and I only like going to jail with friends (that sentence sounds ridiculous when I read it back in my head, but im keeping it because im high), but he comes up to my window and just says, "Hey dude, whats up?:

    So I look at him confused for a second, and say something to the effect of, "Uhh...nothing, is everything cool right now?"

    And he says, "Yeah, no, everythings fine...You have a good night? Do anything interesting?"

    And that was it, I told him a couple of stories about my night, he smiled and nodded for a little bit, and then just said, "Alright, well, nice talking to you, but I'm gonna run, because its raining."

    Most confused I've been in my life, being stoned didn't help. What sort of cop does this?
  8. ^ reminds me of the cop from up in smoke
  9. Is anyone confused by the weed math in the original post... 4 chronic joint between 3 people means they faced 1.33 joints of dank a piece. After this amount of weed I don't see realistically how you were able to effectively make it to the park get and out and function. Plus home boy had a half in his pocket....
  10. more like dirty cops are cool :cool:
  11. i smooke 1g danks b4 work err day and bring some with me... totally possible to function young apprentice
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    Yeah that's why I'm saying it was soo obvious lol I couldn't even keep a straight face talkin to the cop. And idk why the fuck he didn't leave that shit in the car... Shit I don't even kno why we were there in the first place haha

  13. You can tell a lot from a simple, friendly conversation. More cops SHOULD do this if they want to be successful. It gets people to talk more, I think.
  14. i never answer yes or no. i always respond with a question.
  15. dude 1.3 aint shit, one time me and 3 of my friends smoked a 7 gram super joint.
  16. i was smoking a joint walking down the road and the cop pulled up and asked me what it was. i said it was a hand rolled cigarette, and he just said that i shouldnt be smoking its not healthy, and told me a story about his grandma dieing from smoking. All this while still smoking the joint. i start to giggle, and he said that he wasnt an idiot and to toss the rest to the side ( still had at least a third of a joint left :( ) We do have some cool as cops around here, just dont do anything really stupid and your in the clear. i think some of them even smoke, but i dont want to ask.
  17. yep, cop pulled me and my friends over while we were walking home from the park. I had a bowl and about a dime of some sour' and my friend also had some bud and a piece on him. The cop just told us not to go back to that part of the park and let us go with a warning.
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    He may have a lower tolerance.
  19. I know where you're coming from, but he couldn't tell too much if he missed out on the fact that i was blazed and really nervous about the tons of drugs and paraphernalia I had in my car at the time!
  20. i got pulled over one night with my girl in the car. i was higher then hell and most people couldnt have denied it if they had tried, but i am not most people.. alright let me start off by saying i did break the law, i was doing 55mph in a 50mph zone, big no no right.. ole boy gets out the car comes up to the window asks for my credentials. he goes back to his car, a few minutes later he comes back up and out of no where asks if there are any illegal substances in the car. i told him no *lying through my teeth obviously, had an oz in a bag in the back of the car* he asks me if i am lying to him because my eyes are bloodshot. i look up at the man in the most serious face i could conjure up, and told him about 95% of the truth. told him the reason my eyes are bloodshot is because my left eye is in the process of dying, during this process the inner ocular pressure rises and drops drastically (its trying not to die) the higher the pressure is on the eye, the more bloodshot they become. the cop takes 1 close look at my left eye, see's that i am not lying to him about that, hands me my warning slip and tells me to slow it down...

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