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Cool ash trays

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by GanjaBat, Nov 28, 2003.

  1. I know some of you guys have some good ones.

    My digicam is pathetic, but here is one I got the other day.

    I've seen these on the web before ( but when I saw it in a head shop, I had to get it.

    It's called the "hashtray", and it has this little round depression to hold your hash and a place to hold your paper while your filling it. I already can't live without it.

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  2. Nice, but i don't use an ashtray :)

  3. So am I the only one? Man guys, a good ashtray totally improves the smoking experience.
  4. haha thats great, i think im gona order the yellow hashtray...might be better than just ashin in a garbage can all the time.
    and safer....
  5. I dig the ashtrays! lol... :D yea!

    I dont know what id do without my white ginger fantasy candle holder! no more candle, but a great ashtray

    diggin that word...ashtray! :D

  6. Don't see why you wouldn't use an ashtray ;)

    But Anyway, I like simplicity when it comes to ashtrays. I like just clear glass ashtrays, must be kept clean. I'd like to find a couple clear glass snuffers to keep in my ashtrays as well.
  7. They got some nice ashtrays at spencers.They got little weed guys on them,there cool.:)
  8. Damn, thats cool.. i want to get one.. im not very good at rollin joints but i love them handrolled.. my hands are shaky when it comes to that stuff.. i dont like the automatic joint rollers so i need sumthing that will hold my paper while im filling it.. how much did u pay for it???

  9. It was about $30 in a headshop here. You might be able to get it cheaper over the net, but it was an impulse buy. :D

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