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  1. Heres the deal, I got a newly immigrated chinese neighbour and he is fine, we see each other wave, shiit the shit in broken english when something strange happens on our street.

    BUT this dude living in his garage is fucked.
    The dude renovated his small carport and turned it into a living quarters, its completely fucked, this is sketchy as fuck but what can I do about it?

    Fucking crazy neighbours.

  2. Yea that's kinda odd but why does it bother you so much?
  3. What do you mean "what can you do about it"? I don't see a problem here, and I certainly don't see one that warrants your intervention.
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    Because next thing there will be 10 people living in the garage. And then chickens. And then goats. And then...and then....AND THEN!
  5. It bothers me because normal people don't live in a carport it's just plain odd, I'm more concerned that he has adequate access to water and heat not to mention a toilet
  6. Doesn't the rest of his house have water and a toilet? Or is he living in the garage while other people live in the house?
  7. try concentrating on your own issues ie nosy fucking naughbour and leave peaple live there lives the way they want to he aint hurting you!
  8. Keep a close eye on the neighborhood dogs..... :eek:
  9. Soon enough everyone will have a chinese neighbour!
  10. strange you mention this because some asian folks just moved into the house next door.  i live in a semi-quiet predominently white neighborhood, and the other night they were having a party and yelling in their language. their house is literally 20 feet from my window so it sounded like they were basically in my yard. im not racist but it's kinda strange having them next door. i guess ill have to get used to it, or pull some dennis the menace shit to make em move... :devious:
  11. You sir, deserve a like.
  12. I would let it be, if the person is living there , then they have a reason. So I would let them do what they want. It really isn't any of your business if he isn't bothering anyone by doing anything.
    Funny, this is exactly the kind of thinking that allows people like Ariel Castro to keep three women chained as sex slaves in his house for a decade. Neighbors admitted they saw strange things, but you know, not their business right?
    Anything that happens in a neighborhood where you pay property taxes is your damn business if it effects you. People living illegally, in not ideal circumstances will eventually effect you. Whether it's a fire due to some sort of sketchy wiring to add some heat in the winter or just unsanitary shit due to no plumbing etc etc... There is a standard for living, and it exists for a reason. Not just your safety, but your damn neighbors.
    So being Chinese guy didn't think about his neighbors when he decided it was OK to make illegal living quarters in his garage, the OP doesn't need to extend any neighborly curtsey either. I'd ask the guy what's up with that.
  14. You're comparing kidnapping and raping women to living in a garage...
    I'm not even going to read the rest of that retarded-ass comment.
    You hyphenated, "retarded ass." Your opinions are invalid.
  16. And you don't know the difference between "affect" and "effect", among other things.
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    So admittedly you did read my whole post? Lol
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    That should be 'affect'.
    Nice try.
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    I kinda fail to see what's so odd about this. Maybe he doesn't have the means to have his own pad so his friend or whatever said he could convert his garage in to living quarters for the time being?  

    I know of people who have converted garages in to their rooms etc - it's a place to stay, what's the big deal?  :confused_2:

    Focus on your own issues broheim
  20. Fuck lol

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