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Cooking with trim

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by DerekCA, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. hey guys i have around 30gs of trim but its freshly cut can i just grind this and cook or should i wait til it dries. im going to make 2 sticks butter. thanks!
  2. grind and cook brother.
  3. Not only do you -need- to dry it, but you need to go one step further, and decarboxylate the material as well. :)

    Even once our herb is smoke-dry, it's not ready for cooking yet.. you need to coax the carboxyl group and the last of the moisture out in the form of carbon dioxide and water vapor, in order to activate the material. This converts THCA, to the more-active THC (it's also what happens when we smoke, or vape). Then process gently with a pure oil source (coconut oil and clarified butter are good options), for at least an hour or two preferably freezing at some point in between, to disrupt cellular integrity, strain, and bake as usual. :)

    A tip; If you positively can't wait, and I hate even recommending it, but if you really can't wait for it to dry slowly, then you may dry your material in the oven on the racks on the lowest temperature possible, until it is brittle-crisp.. it should be decarbed by that point as well.

    I'd only ever recommend doing this in the worst of situations, with already-low-grade material. When we decarb slow dried material, we can still preserve much of the terpene content in an enclosed container. But if you need to quick-dry plant matter from a wet state, using heat in the open air, most of your terpene content is going to be long-gone before you even get around to making your oil.

    Hope this helps. :)

  4. Because, she doesn't like seeing people waste their herb using inferior or outdated methods, then hear them wondering why their edibles don't work after the fact... :p

    Cooking with wet, and inactive plant matter is not the way to go about getting the most potency, into your edibles. As I said before, even smoke-dry buds need decarbing, or activation, for the best effect.
    You can wind up with some amount of effect working that way with wet plant matter, but it's simply not as effective, as working with properly prepared material. Processing matters; folks eating partially raw, improperly processed, and under-processed cannabis.. those are the reasons why we have so much dosage discrepancy, and so many failed edible stories. When you cut corners, you need to compensate, by multiplying the amount of material needed per dose or batch. If you don't want to waste your material, you can't rush it.

    You do not want to simmer your herb; any amount of bubbling indicates that potency is being degraded, and even vaped off.
    And canola oil is also not the first choice you should make when it comes to edible solvents. You want something with either a high, short-chain, or medium-chain triglyceride content, and a decent saturated fat content; canola oil has neither. It's very low in saturated fat, and mct/scts, and as a result it should be only used as a last resort, when nothing else is readily available.

    If you want the most bang for your buck, you've got to put the effort in, and do it right.. especially if you're working with low-potency material as it is.

    That's all... ;)
  5. oh apparently you know everything and you don't even want to hear me try and discuss something.
  6. Push dont fight with Kitty, Kitty speaks knowledge. Respect the knowledge. Thanks kitty i learned somethings today.
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  7. Hey I didn't delete your post, that was all you :p

    And there's certainly nothing wrong with a discussion, or sharing experiences.. as a matter of fact, that's why I chimed in. :D
  8. wow nice info on here wellits too late i used all my wet trim and its been on the lowest heat for about 2 hours now. think i might push to 3 or 4 hours idk yet. theres like a white fiz on top of the whole batch and ive been sturing and looking for bubbles
  9. white film on top does that mean its done or fucked?
  10. the white film is probably the carboxyl then?

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