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Cooking with shwag

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Gauges, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. I got an ounce of some regulars laying around that i wont smoke cause i cant stand the taste lol. if i wanted to make some pot cookies would you suggest using the whole oz, its not that bad of mersh not real stem and seedy

  2. just mail it too me lol i hate everyone on here w/ extra bud and shit im i the biggest draught of my life i would gladly pay $130 for a O of some b/s regs at this point
  3. damn an oz of regs here will go for like 60 bucks the most lol
    sucks you got a drought man

  4. yea i know thats what they go for i'm just desperate right now lol
  5. No sir i will give you $280 for an O of that
  6. anyone know anything bout cooking with this?
  7. id rather cook something i seem to like the highs from eating it
  8. From what i've read from other users, i'd do the full oz. if it is schwag. And hey, who cares if they come out really strong, nothing wrong with that! :hello:
  9. id just be smoking blunts of that shit. ive noticed that blunts cover the taste of bad mersh, or atleast mix with it so it doesnt taste that bad.
  10. will these recipes work with vapor trash? the vegan brownies sound good.
  11. it still leaves a nasty taste in my mouth. what do you use to wrap em
  12. I use peach optimos personally, but I still dislike the taste and high of crappier weed when I smoke it as well. I've dumped about a half o of some mids into some brownies straight up, baked em, and they got me and my buddies really I'm guessing the more the better right? :smoke:

    This site does have a lot of legit recipies tho, look around.

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