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Cooking with less than a gram

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by Dum Dum Boy, Apr 4, 2009.

  1. I heard you can put it in peanut butter on crackers and then cook for a long time and eat. Has anyone tried this or something similar with a gram or less of weed?
  2. Ive heard it works. But when I tried this it didnt.
    So either I fucked up or they dont work
  3. Search firecracker. Never done it so I can't say, but weed+peanut butter on a cracker is called a firecracker.

    The gram would probably be better off smoked though, IMO.
  4. ^Shit, I've seen that word everywhere. And shit, it didn't work?
  5. So changing the subject, I just read this from http://www.shroomery.org/forums/showflat.php/Number/5981362

    "bake your pot on a sheet of tin foil at 250-260deg until when you pinch a nug it breaks apart into dust (usualy 10-15 mins for somewhat fresh stuff)

    "this is the process of converting 80-90% of whatever inactive alkaloids are left into thc and thcv sometimes it can double or even triple the potency of your bud if you try smoking it after this process"

    Anyone try that?
  6. Nevermind, there's already a thread on that too.
  7. No don't cook straight nugs, it would vaporize or burn the THC.
    Firecrackers work, even with half a gram. Just use natural pb on crackers and sprinkle ground bud on pb on one side and wrap each one in foil then cook for 20 mind at 325
  8. i can vouch for this, i made a tincture awhile back and followed this but i think i did 200 degrees though for about 10-15 minutes (i wanted to be sure it didn't vaporize) with about 3 grams of beasters ended up with about an oz of finished product and 2 eyedroppers full got me high, 4 was really high, 6 was fuckin blast off. and an eyedropper is not very much liquid at all so i got plenty of 'servings' out of this

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