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Cooking With Hash, Any Chefs Out There?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Rhythm of Life, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. I've had this 4g ball of hash for a while and just recently decided that making an edible out of it would be a good idea. One problem is I don't really know how to cook with hash. I mean I'm sure its pretty similar with buds and whatnot but I'm looking for technique tips, i.e. how well to break it down, does it cook faster than bud etc. Anyone got insight or experience let it be known.

    Oh and so this isn't just a cry for help I'll feed your motivation with this:

  2. melt it over popcorn
  3. That looks just like the hash I got in India.

    Anyway, I'd melt it down in a little bit of butter or oil, and then use that to cook with.
  4. Thats what I figured to do but verification is always nice when your talkin about a decent bit of hash :D
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    Dam man you have no idea how lucky you are, over hear on the east coast the only hash i can come by is the QWISO hash i gotta make myself. If you cant get more id only use half of it, but seeing that you can get 4gs i have a feeling that will be no problem. Oh yeah, and i would suggest making butter out of it, i have a feeling veg. oil wouldnt work too well. Enjoy man
  6. My friends bro is a chef. He made some crazy lemongrass sorbet. Made with: lemongrass, ginger and clove,some good beer, then some hash oil in cream. A few large scoops and you were messed up.l
  7. just cook half of it into like a stick of butter and follow hashmoufs guide to make the most potent butter you can
  8. If you want a simple method, just use .3-.5 grams, spread it out as thin as you can, and put the thin hash on any kind of buttery or greasy food, then just microwave it for 30 seconds.
    Microwaving activates the thc very well, only 20-30 seconds though (more if you put the hash into food in a way that it would take longer to heat up).
  9. Look its the dude^

  10. Please...PLEASE...can you get a recipe for this? Ah man, me wanty.

  11. We have a winner. Grind it up, simmer it gently in butter or oil, then use that as you see fit.
  12. Like with my 4 stage grinder? All right man sounds like I'm going the cannabudder route.
  13. I just use my fingers and crumble it up that way usually unless it's really hard/dry hash.
  14. Yeah the suckers a rock but I can heat it up with my hands and break it that way.

    **Awesome reply speed man, your like superman. Even going at 4:00 am
  15. Yes a little heat will loosen it up. You can also wrap it in foil and put it in a 200F oven for ten minutes. It should crumble right up.
  16. If you need to crumble it so its sand-like, a good technique is to freeze it really well then smash it with something. Freezing makes it brittle.

    Extreme heat or cold, your pick.
  17. That works quite well too.
  18. cold makes it a lot less likely to stick to your fingers or and w/e you have it wrapped it

    i support tin foil + freezer + hammer cause i hate it when hash sticks to my fingers, feels like i can see the money being wasted...
  19. I made some cannabudder earlier this morning and have just now finished working on the Kick Ass chili with my favorite hash. I gotta let the chili cook for a couple hours but then ... it will be time to feast! I'm looking forward to a stoned night.
  20. lets see that recipe, i love chili :)

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