Cooking with extracted DXM?

Discussion in 'General' started by toomeyboy, May 14, 2006.

  1. go to if you have no idea what I'm talking about.

    Has anyone on here tried cooking with dxm? Would it weaken at high temperatures on a stove?

    I'm thinking about making 'magic chicken wings' for a party comin up...
    or at least magic dip for it
  2. i've never looked at dxm as a social drug. at lower doses i'm talkative but still incapacitated. however, at the doses i like i become the floor and become completely disconnected with reality. (on thursday i wasn't sure if what i did at work really happened and wasn't sure of reality, quite fun)

    as for cooking with it i'm not sure as i just chug cough syrup to get fucked up on it.
  3. damn, i haven't been that fucked up on it yet...I just felt like I was extremely drunk, but I've heard stories
  4. yeah, it was my first time going to the 3rd tier. i'm never going lower again. it was intense and even downright terrifying at times (i had god tell me i had to marry this girl i met on sunday). but coming out of it i felt stronger. i also enjoyed how time stood still.
  5. kick ass, i didn't really feel like time stood still so much...more like parts where skipped over. Like, I would walk to my room feeling really drunk, then it's like it only took me a second to get there and I totally forgot about the whole walk.
  6. oh there are parts of the trip that i don't remember as i lost contact with the world. but when i would come to i would take my flashlight and look at the clock and see that only some 10 min had gone by.

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