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Cooking with coconut oil questions

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by WeedMongerer, Feb 20, 2014.

  1. Hey Everyone, 

    I'm planning on doing my first cook in about a week or so.. I'm debating between butter or the coconut oil. I'm strongly leaning towards coconut oil.

    I plan on using the double boiled method. Most methods I've seen with the coconut oil, the people have been adding water. Is adding water necessary when cooking with the coconut oil or can I just melt it in the double boiler and add my soy lechtin and bud. Now, Im planning on using about 2 zips, so would I need water to make sure the bud is all covered by the liquid? How much coconut oil would you recommend for 2 zips? 2 cups? Im worried with 2 cups if all the bud will be submerged so thats where my water question comes in... 

    Is canola oil a better option? I've never seen coconut oil b4 reading up on this and it seems that is a white thicker paste while canola oil is liquid? Obv when the coconut oil is melted it is turned into the liquid, but then when cooled, it looks almost like cannabutter, compared to the canola oil where the finished product is a liquid? If I use coconut oil with no water, can i just keep it in the liquid form after I'm done cooking with it?

    Will the finished product keep at room temp or in the fridge for a long period of time(liquid or paste form matter for this), like at least a year? 

    Please chime in with answers, tips,  and advice for my coconut oil cook. Or if someone could point me in the direction of a very good example of cooking with coconut oil, that'd be great as well. I wanna nail this first cook. 

  2. Using water can make it spoil much faster so keep that in mind. You absolutely do NOT need water. You can if you want to cover all of the plant material but don't want to use so much oil, but not really necessary. So it will look like you aren't covering all of it, but as it cooks, it will break down and you will have more oil than you expected. If it barely covers it at the start, once it settles down, it'll cover it all. I like to use one ounce to one cup, so yeah 2 oz to 2 cups is perfect IMO. Decarb it first, then put into a grinder or just crumble it with your fingers and cover it with the oil. Coconut oil (extra virgin, organic) is the way to go. Don't use canola oil unless you want to intentionally put nasty GMO's in your body. Depends on how high or low the temps are in your house. 76 degrees is the point where it changes from liquid to solid. Below that and it will be solid, above will be liquid.

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  3. Oh and yeah, it will keep for a long time if you don't use water. I used water once and it spoiled at room temp after a couple weeks.. Smelled so nasty I can still remember it to this day. I freeze mine after I fill up empty capsules (worth it for sure to buy a capsule filling machine, only $20 or so) Coco oil stays solid and keeps caps clean in the fridge or freezer and keep almost forever. Hands down the most amazing oil out there and most beneficial to your body.

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  4. I found a slow cooker so Im gonna use that and go 8 - 12 hours, if it has low med high setting, do I just turn on high initially to get it going then bump it down to low? I plan on just using the oil you suggested and bud, no water. I also plan on adding soy lechtin. After 8 - 12 hours I will instantly move to freezer, then next day take out and rewarm and let cook again for maybe 2 to 4 hours, then freeze again for 2nd time. Then next day remove from freezer and remelt into liquid and I plan on just maybe keeping it in my fridge... It should last a very long time in the fridge correct? Would soy lechtin cause any harm over a long period of time of storage in fridge? 

    The bud Im using has been sitting in a jar for like 4 months or so, probably will do a decarb at 220 for 20 minutes... Use a glass container with 2 layers of tin foil sealing in. 

    Hows all that sound? any tips or advice? is my freezing process over doing it or is it even necessary? 
  5. Also, I have close to a zip of AVB, any reason why I couldnt mix this AVB in with this batch? so like a zip of avb and 2 zips of nug into maybe 2 1/2 cup oil 
  6. I am not sure of the specific temps in a crock pot. I use an oven when I do it so I know where the temps are. Higher temps will not be necessary to go for that long but you said on low is what you plan so I would imagine that it would not degrade or anything at a lower temp. I would look up the temps for your model and see what they are at the different settings. You could just heat in the oven at 220 for 90 minutes (stirring halfway through) then freeze and do a couple more heating/freezing cycles. After my initial 90 minute heating, I freeze it and then my next heat cycle I put at 220 for 10 minutes just to warm it up and don't open the oven so it stays liquid for a few hours but isn't exposed to high heat that can degrade the cannabinoids. If your low setting on the crockpot is under 200 then I think you are pretty spot on with the method you described to me. I just wouldn't do an extended heat period at a high temp.

    Soy lecithin is a must IMO so you are good there as well.

    Not very knowledgable with ABV because I don't vape. From what I've heard is you can still have some good potency left in there so it wouldn't hurt to add it. The only thing is how much do you add when you don't really know the potency of it. If you mix the fresh bud with the ABV and add extra oil to compensate for the ABV, I could see that as diluting it a little bit and lowering the overall potency if you really sucked out most of the good stuff. It just depends on what is left behind and you don't really know so I would suggest making the 2 cup to 2 oz as originally planned then make a separate batch and compare them. Since obviously a lot is missing from the ABV, half the amount of oil would be a good start. So instead of using all of it, just maybe use 1/4oz ABV and 1/8 cup oil. When both batches are finished, take the same amount on two different days and see what effects have changed between the two and you will really have an idea at that point if it is something worth incorporating into the known good recipe.

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  7. Yeah good idea, the AVB is probably good still since I just got the vape and it took me a while to get a hold of it. I burned the top of a few bowls so i just tossed it in the AVB bag, but yeah I think doing a seperate batch is best. 

    Last question, since Ill only be using coconut oil, after i freeze and remelt and then strain the bud, should I keep it in liquid in a jar and store in fridge? best to freeze? If Im gonna keep it in a jar or container i feel like i might as well have in the fridge, compared to sitting out in a cupboard. Also you would defintely go with coconut oil over butter correct? 
  8. In keep mine in the freezer just because they are in capsules and if the oil inside is liquid, it can leak out and ruin the whole thing. In a container, it should be fine when it's a solid at room temp. You will definitely tell if it's rancid. If you want to play it safe, just keep in the fridge.

    I personally prefer coconut oil over butter just because of the way I make my meds. Would be kind of weird taking capsules of butter haha. You can definitely make nice edibles with butter but just depends what you're trying to make. My experience with butter is very limited so can't give ya much there.

    I really only make anything with coconut oil, alcohol, or VG. Love switching it up with tinctures every once and a while.

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  9. I have had some bagged and sealed for 4 years, looks and smells okay, it it?
  10. Hey there, you can use coconut oil in place of butter for baking anyways right? It seems like coconut is a win/win then. When you say alcohol are you meaning a Green Dragon? I'm new to this site, just got into edibles and trying to gather as much info as possible, it's a bit overwhelming I must say.  
  11. Yep, coconut oil is actually much healthier for you with its medium chain triglycerides which your body enjoys easier than butter. Plus if you decide to cap, the coco oil will be solid under 76F.

    I believe he means green dragon with a drinking alcohol like everclear. Definitely avoid drinking iso

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  12. AVB tastes NASTY. It will also make you tired. I would make AVB oil separately and use it in something (caps?) before bed.
  13. where do u get the filling machine?

    Piff man
  14. Amazon (the capsule machine) or health food stores
    @[member="WeedMongerer"] Hey bud, howd things turn out?  Ive got some things in the works with coconut oil here and wanted to see if you had any luck or anything to share?
    I plan on decarbing this pillow of trim and making some different coconut oil preparations... 
    View attachment 1411511
    Take Care!
  16. It depends on your vape temps, and the quality of your bud, as to what you have left in your AVB. The only thing left will be sedative in nature. It's something to put in the freezer and forget about until you've out of meds someday and that's all you've got.  Don't mix it with your "good stuff". You'll ruin it.
    Lecithin is a good thing to add.
    Check out BadKittySmile's and PsychedelicSam's threads. I hang at Sam's place(s) but cut my teeth at BKS's. Awesome material on both and you're right it is "overwhelming". There's lots of helpers around so both of you go visit  :smoke:
  17. I might be hijacking this, sorry... But...
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    Tootsie rolls!!!

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    Love the coconut oil!!!

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