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cooking with cannabis

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by adawg, Mar 26, 2006.

  1. i jsut had a few questions about cooking with buds:
    why do poeple say use shwag or mids to cook with, wont the food be less potent?
    also how much canabuter can i make using an ounce like how much brownies would it make?
    how many wouild it take to get me pretty stoned?
  2. people use shwag or mids to cook with because no matter how good or bad the bud is, cooking will bring out pretty much all of the thc from the bud.

    not sure how many brownies you can make with an ounce, but I think it's around a batch. just look up a recipie and those are usually measured by the ounce

    it'd take 1 brownie to get you stoned out of your FUCKING mind
    (edit: forgot to say that it takes a few hours for it to kick in since your body has to digest it, so don't eat like 3 while waiting, or else you'd maybe be the first person to ever OD on weed :))
  3. You could get anywhere from 1-4 batchs out of an ounce depending on how potent you want your brownies.

    I use a 1/4 when i make brownies and normally only takes 1-2 brownies to get you real high :smoke:

    I cant remember any recipes off my head use the search button there are tons

    Indiana toker made a good guide

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