Cooking with Cannabis

Discussion in 'Fitness, Health & Nutrition' started by Weedwhizz, May 19, 2010.

  1. Hi everyone, :wave:

    I had a bit of a worrying moment at the nutritionists the other day when she asked me if I had smoked or done any drugs recently... It's the only question worse than asking how many units of alcohol you drink a week!

    Anyway, it turned out she had been a bit of a toker too in her time, though she wouldn't advocate it now, and she suggested that I start using seeds in my cooking and try to cut down on smoking. She told me about this site The Cannabis Cookbook where I could get some recipes, but I was wondering whether anyone else was using marijuana seeds in their cooking, and if so where do you get your recipes?

    Thanks guys, looking forward to hearing about your culinary genius!
  2. Cannabis seeds are pretty much the healthiest thing you can eat, but wont get you high in any way so i dont really see what she means. what do the seeds have to do with you smoking weed:confused: you can make all kinds of edibles that will get you baked off your ass without inhaling burnt plants, but your going to need trimmings/buds not seeds.

    Although id love to try some of those seeds:p try looking for some recipes here: Incredible, Edible Herb - Forums

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