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Cooking with BHO duff

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Herbert Von Bud, May 5, 2011.

  1. I cannot really find any resources on this topic so I have decided that I should get to the bottom of this so that other people can be in the know also..

    BHO duff.. what to do wih it? If you are like me and like to smoke BHO, chances are you have a ton of leftover buds that have already been extracted. Personally I run whole buds and then throw them in a bucket after. seems like a waste of butane to run them agian in my experience, you only get a little bit of oil and it tastes like ass so its kind of a waste of butane.

    Soooooo after building up what im guessing is half a pound of this 'duff' i decided to do a cannabutter experiment.

    most people probibally are thinking 'well you already sucked all the goodness out of it so what do you hope to accomplish?' and fair enough. my logic is that the butane extracts THC and some other cannabinoids but leaves others, so hopefully i can dissolve those into some butter.

    my next concern aside from just not getting high is the butane, sounds nasty and i dont want to eat any. my methood is to allow the butane soaked buds to be exposed to open air for a few days at least to allow the butane to breathe out as much as possible. the buds are then broken up and the crock pot will remain open and my theory is that any butane dissolved in the mixture will evapourate off at like/..a much cooler temp. than hot butter. so it should be safe

    Experiment 1

    1: grind up a shitload of bho duff (be generous with it) into a crock pot
    2: cover with as much water to make it swampy mess (the weed is wet)
    3: pour melted clarified butter (i prefer to clarify) onto this mess. (2lb for me)
    4: heat and stir for 4 hours

    this is where i am at now. next steps will obviously be

    5: strain the plant out and throw it out finally
    6:cool butter in fridge
    7: make brownies, eat them and see how they work

    Im not expecting a mind blowing high, i just hypothesize that there is enough active shit that it is worth this last extraction, i could be way wrong. either way i think 225g of low potency shit may be enough for 48 brownies, without worrying about butane risks

    call me stupid if you want, but least if i do it you wont have to.
  2. Sounds like a good idea to me, if there's anything left in the bud you'll get it. And I think you'll be ok with the butane, you certainly seem to know what you're doing. Either way let us know how it turns out, I plan to make BHO with at least part of my upcoming harvest :wave:
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    thanks. my thought is if i over compensate for low potency (i.e. using half a pound) maybe i will get desireable results however the THC/CBD ratios will be way different than regular bud, probibally will be similar to people baking with ABV weed. Going to purchase brownie ingredients now and i will post results within a day.

    *edit* brownies are in the oven and i will have a result in about 4 hours!

    all in all i made about 3 heaping cups of cannabutter and more than half made it into my recipe. i definately don't expect any glowingly medicinal effects, just to put my friend to sleep for a bus ride.
  4. howd they turn out? im thinking of doing the same thing
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    Similar to using already-vaped herb, it's just as common to use up the remaining potency in the waste material from BHO and quick-wash Iso, by making oil. :)

    If it's weak and only a small amount of potency remains, it is often used as a 'base oil', to process with fresh material. Some people don't agree with consuming the material made from these products, I personally don't consume anything made with inedible solvents outside of a lab, but oral toxicity should* be lower than combustion and inhalation, and especially with the correct processing exposure should not be an issue.

    The material must be dried thoroughly, and decarbed, to assist in the purging of your inedible solvent.

    You also don't want to dilute your edible solvent (oil) by adding water to the mix... that is an old fashioned, ineffective method of controlling temperature during the oil making process, if performed over an open flame or on a stove burner. When you dilute your oil source with water, you're reducing the speed at which glandular breakdown can occur, drastically.
    If using a double boiler or crock-pot, you should have a more effective means of controlling temps.

    This is why you clarified your butter; to remove water, and milk solids. You don't want to go adding water back to it! :)

    Hope this helps!
  6. I add water to filter out lots of that plant waxes and chlorophyll, so that the cannabutter is not strong or gross tasting. The water that has separated from the butter in the fridge is always really really gross looking and Im glad its not in my butter.

    Anyways OP, how did it turn out? did you die on us ? LOL not LOL

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