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Cooking Weed Firecrackers On A Bbq Grill?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Kush420Legalize, Jun 4, 2013.

  1. I am looking to make weed firecrackers. From what Iv seen on the internet, it seems that making them in an oven    could dank up our kitchen. My idea is to cook them on the top grill shelf in a bbq grill, (Where you heat up the burger buns n shit). I am thinking of putting the crank on 1/4th and my bbq grill does not show temperatures.
    Any opinions, help or experience with this?
    PS. Iv attached a picture and it is a grill similar to mine. The circled area is where i plan to cook the firecrackers.

  2. Ive only made them in an oven but, I think it would be alright if you cook it on a gril in tin foil on a pretty low temperature and if you really dont want to buen them then you could kwwp the cover off

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  3. Or you could make them with no heat which ive done. Cover in foil an let it sit for a day or two and it aubsorbs the thc

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  4. How well would just leaving them for a few days work in comparison to cooking them?
  5. Can someone please tell me what a weed firecracker is? I'm from nz is it an American thing?

  6. Pussyriot, it is a cracker, peanut butter on the cracker, weed on the peanut butter and then a cracker on top. The traditional method is to cook it at around 300 degrees for 20-25 minutes. Its supposed to get you fucked up. 
  7. Firecrackers without baking them is a waste of weed and time. You may get LUCKY and catch a little buzz, but not too likely and not very much.
  8. Would you say that grilling them on the top shelf of a bbq would work? Btw it seems that the method where you dont cook the firecracker only works for a very small amount of people, so yea i agree with you.

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  9. I'd also like to know if it works.
  10. Im going to try this method sometime this week and il let you know how well it works out.

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  11. I tried the sit out method and I left them for almost a week if I remember right and they did almost nothing. I felt a slight buzz but that could just be placebo
  12. I just made one using my grill an hour ago and I'm already feeling toasty.  Made it just like you normally would for an oven, microwaved for 15 seconds, then wrapped it in aluminum foil and put it on the heat rack of my grill on high for 10-15 minutes, microwaved 15 more seconds, then ate it once it cooled down.  Feels just like it does coming out of the oven.  :hello:
  13. The reason why not cooking your firecrackers doesn't work is because you need heat to activate the THC, no heat = no thc.
    At 50C (122F) THC-Acid decarboxylates as the water molecule held in the carbonate form evaporates. This activates the THC.
    At 66C (150F) Cannabidiol (CBD) melts and starts to evaporate.
    At 185C (365F) Cannibinol (CBN) boils.
    At 200C (392F) THC boils. Clear vapor from a vaporizer.
    500-700C (932-1292F) Is the combustion temperature for marijuana.
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  15. ^ They don't teach you that in school.  Nice work.

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