Cookin' chicken wings..

Discussion in 'General' started by Jake N Bake, Sep 26, 2009.

  1. .. on my 5th beer. Smokin on this Lemon Hashplant. Got $800 cash on me... life is good :bongin:

    What's happnin tonight GC?
  2. Drinking shitty El Jimador, but it'll have to do.

    Picked up a few grams of Pink Panther.

    Hopefully I don't barf.
  3. Currently tracking your ip so I can come rob you :p
  4. Got 200mg of MDMA sitting in front of me. Just waiting another hour or so, since I ate about an hour ago.

    Gonna be a good night
  5. Might head out to a bar tonight for some dude's birthday. Gimme some of them chicken wangs!
  6. Drinking listening to metallica. Watching football. Drinking gets depressing sometimes it sucks.
  7. smokin da ganja what else
  8. Been drinkin' vodka all night smokin' on some really yummy spicy lemony stuff, wish I had that 2 ounces though!
  9. I just had a small keif bowl and I'm pretty stoney. I'm staying in bed tonight, which is stupid because I should be getting drunk. But, I have been neglecting myself lately and totally depriving myself of sleep. I'll thank myself at the end of next week for staying in bed tonight.
  10. just sittin here waitin for my turn in beer pong. been takin shots of jager n jack all night a;so hittin bongs n blunts, i doint even wanna drink anymore, feel like pukin

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