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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by sidious, May 25, 2003.

  1. here's a pic of one of the cookies me and the g/f made they taste amazing.....and they are also packed with hash...mmmmm, allready had one and the effects are just starting to work.......anyone else love cookies.....or is that a silly question to ask a stoner...?? out......Sid

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  2. Who could pass up a smiley hash-cookie? I know I couldn't....
  3. damn you had to do it....didn't ya??.....i was just minding my own business and you had to say the 7 letter i feel down out.......Sid

    ps about to eat cookie no 2 .......going to town
  4. oh noooo.....i'm being out.......Sid
  5. pic...

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  6. silly question :D
    i loooove the cookies
    the butter doesnt last long in the fridge (as i accidently found out) so made up alot of cookies and frozem. an then i ate alot of cookies.........
    alot :D

  7. hahaha thats funny looking after you ate it.. I wish I had the crop to make hash.. When I do my next outdoor grow, i'm gonna make has outta 3/4 the harvest and make hash oil and dip my cigarettes in them...
  8. mmmmm...... you lucky bastard! lol! looks sooo good and i hope u get hella fucked up!
  9. just woke slept for 12 hours straight, and i'm still time for more cookies......Peace out.......Sid
  10. That is why I like eating my weed.. The high last longer and is more of a body high as well!!!!!

    Cookies, brownies, and etc is sooooooo good!
  11. a happy hash cookie sounds great about now
  12. man I could go one of those cookies now............Peace out...........Sid
  13. you n me both. Im fuckin hungry :yummy:
  14. cookie addict present...not really but ive been known to go through a few rows a night

    nice looking batch you made sid. think any of them are still good ;)
    kept them in the freezer for 4 years ?
  15. Cookies are the very best!!!!! I just developed a killer recipe.

    Here is a pic of mine...not as cute as yours though.

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  16. Man I wish those fuckers were in the freezer, and those cookies above look even better.....mmmmmm think I might make a batch later, I've got some hash, so won't be a problem, the problem will be getting my ass off the couch after melting into the fucker!..........Peace out.............Sid
  17. ergh i hate the taste of hash cookies and hash cakes, i need like gallons of tea to get it down
  18. Lol that's wicked. Looks good.
  19. Never had a real edible. :(

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