Cooked Roots

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  1. My seedlings have stalled at the second set of leaves, humiditys 70% temps 25 degree,in soil mix perlite coco coir. ph soil 6.6. under led on veg mode.

    Intially sprouted superfast whilst using heat mat. now i've checked everythings dialed in. i did have the lights initially to close the canopy temp went to 30+, also i think i may have kept the heat pad under too long after sprouting for 3 days. is it possible i have cooked the roots. Are they salvageble. the roots are white. the leaves are turned downward an inwards almost like they are hiding from the light not turning to it. Any advice
  2. Pictures would help

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  3. will post pics in a couple hours
  4. A few images but basically all seedlings reached this stage 4 days ago and no new growth

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