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Convincing parents about weed.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by AdamArmy, May 3, 2011.

  1. They know the benefits of it, but the only thing they don't like (which is the thing preventing me from having it in the house) is that it is illegal. I cannot deny the fact that it is illegal, but I plan to take it for headaches, athsma, and ADD. I am on lots of prescription drugs and I want to get off them because they are just chemicals. I am trying to explain that the worst that could happen is I get caught with 2 g's of herb, and maybe some community service. I truly plan to use it for medical reasons, and I am trying to explain if I am not out smoking in public, nothing will happen. I plan on showing her this so please help me explain to her!
  2. Well I have never been busted for cannabis. Unfortunately my lil bro was just arrested like 5 hrs ago and my mom is cool with me smoking but not lil bro i guess. and my main thing against her its illegal thing is that doesnt mean that, thats not morally wrong. i told her no one ever rose up against injustices without soldiers falling for the effort and that people are never going to legalize without us supporting the cannabis movement by only purchasing hq bc everyone knows no one selling or smoking shitty weed is def not supporting legalization. and that no one stopped drinking when they banned alcohol so why should my people. but my mom is way different than your mom so idk. Um thats about it if it even makes sense bro.
  3. What state are you living in if you don't mind me asking. Just wondering what the maximum penalty would be for you depending on how much you have at a time.
  4. Well, if you are under their room man, you should show respect and their viewpoints by not smoking under their roof. Put up with it until you move out.
    Since your at least 18 you could be out at any point of time.

  5. Florida
  6. Thats one point you will never change their opinion on. Ever. No matter what
  7. Wow, 1:50 chance and it was the last one I was hoping for :(

    Well, be as smart as you can when it comes to transporting whatever amount you're using (judging from your first post, probably won't ever be more than a few grams, maybe a quarter if it's a special occasion) are your parents ok with you smoking in their house? Because that would be your safest bet.

  8. I would smoke outside, and hide it somewhere. And I get it delivered. I pay my dude extra but it offers peace of mind, so it is worth it
  9. Respect your parents man. If the only thing your mom has against it is that it is illegal and in her house, so be it. Thats fair enough, so either risk your chances keeping things under raps or just buy a bag when you go out for the night and finish it.
  10. Dang man idk what else you can say, other than you're pretty much guaranteed not to get caught if you smoke inside. You could probably argue that over 90% of stoners who get caught smoking are caught outside of their homes ;)
  11. Not true man, MANY parents change their mind if they are presented with facts.

  12. Thats wut im trying to do ;)

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