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Convincing my gf to toke up with me?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Herbalist90, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. Well, my gf knows i smoke, and is pretty okay about it, but she will never hit up with me! Her cousin was unfortunately killed in a motorbike incident whilst intoxicated (she wasnt driving btw) and that has really affected her. She believes marijuana is bad etc even though i have told and shown her countless facts and articles on the pro's. I would LOVE it if she experienced the bud, shes a fun, loving, humorous person and i KNOW that if she gave it a chance, she would enjoy it. Have you guys got any tips on how to convince to smoke a j with me?

    Happy tokin :smoke:
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    Really the only thing you can do is give her the facts and let her decide for herself. If she doesn't want to, do NOT force her to. It will ruin a relationship faster than you can say "I fucked your sister." :smoke:

    Edit: Everyone is different. I, for one, was able to convince my girlfriend how healthy and non-threatening bud is. She loves it now.

    The thing I did was give her the facts, and even gave her a hardcore example of someone who is affected by weed all the time (ME! :hello:) and gave it lots of time. :wave:
  3. take a big toke on a joint then give her a kiss and blow blow blow once its done its done she'l love it.
  4. Yeah Just tell her the truth on marijuana but if she still doesn't want to then don't force the issue unless you wanna be back to dating your hand
  5. Was she anti-bud before?:D
  6. Wait until she's sleeping and tie her up, then put a blunt in her mouth and tape it there, then light it. She'll thank you eventually.

    No but seriously there's not much more you can do than show her the articles and wait. I've got a few friends like this and I've just chosen to finally give up; hopefully they'll come around eventually. If you've shown her the facts and figures, and she still won't do it, there's nothing you can do. Try forcing it and you'll run the risk of damaging the relationship, which isn't really worth it over her not smoking.

    Instead of actively trying to convince her to smoke weed, whenever you go off to, why not casually ask her? Like just ask her if she wants a few tokes off a joint or whatever, without making a big deal out of it. It might make her feel less pressured to do it. Just my thoughts, I hope she ends up toking OP :smoke:

  7. Oh yeah. Signs up on her bedroom saying "say no to drugs" and "smoking is bad" :laughing:

  8. hahaha :D im guessing she's got rid of them?:smoke:

  9. Nope :D
  10. make her some weed tea first just make sure its not strong or she'll ens up in bits. dont even tell her your doing it tell her about an hour after you give it to her. then next time shes over ask if she wants a few tokes ul have a stoner girlfriend before you know it haha! i did this with my boyfriend we get stoned together all the time now its so much better than me being baked finding stupid shit on tv hillarious and him looking at we like im a loonatic now we both find stupid shit hillarious and our relationship has benefited highly, no pun intended
  11. Don't pressure her, give her an article or too and quickly explain how harmless it is and how it cures diseases and cancer. She will then get curious, worked for me.

  12. No no no, bad stonerchick1990. Lying/tricking someone is also something you don't want to do to your significant other. They could react in many different ways, extremes being they either love it or they are calling the cops on your ass. Either way, do you want them to be questioning your trustworthiness? :wave:
  13. show her that thc cures cancer. if you are against marijuana after you find out thc cures cancer you have to be like some evil fuck to not support it.
  14. Alright, I've been in this same position before, my friend! Here's what you'll need:

    1. Chair
    2. 100ft of rope
    3. Blow Torch
    4. A fish tank
    5. A box of nails
    6. 1 Didlo (Vibrators work best)

    Jk, like they've said, you can't force it upon her. If you've already told her the positive affects of marijuana, just give it time and each time you smoke, ask her if she wants to join. Eventually, she probably will. Good luck, OP!
  15. Dude, if she doesn't want to do it, you should definitely not try pressuring her into it. And this goes for anybody. You have to let people make their own decisions. You can educate them and explain your motives, but never push somebody to do something they would feel uncomfortable doing unless there is an immediate and explicit positive result, or it helps avoid harm to an an individual. I get that you want to share what you love, but everybody is different and you gotta accept her and everybody else for who they are and not force them to do anything they have no interest, or may even be strongly against doing. For some people, weed is a very scary and daunting thing and it makes many people uncomfortable. Be happy enough that she allows for you to continue without raising problems in your relationship. Best wishes. Hope everything works out for you.
  16. your right DONT DO WHAT I SAID YOUR GIRLFRIEND MIGHT GO BALLISTIC. i knew my boyfriend wouldnt react badly because hes very laid back anyway, that was his reason for not wanting to smoke "im chilled enough as it is" were his exact words so it wasnt a case of him being against it he just wasnt really interested, so yeah you probably shouldnt do what i did unless your significant other is laid back like mine and you know they wont react badly. SORRY :eek:
  17. You trying to force her to smoke is just as bad as her trying to get you to stop. You have to accept her for who she is, or dont date her
  18. Give her a 'brownie'. Then when she's flyin tell her see it's not so bad now is it?
  19. thats basically the same thing i did
  20. Time, time, and more time. Yes, I still have those stickers on my doors (maybe my parents might ask where they went lol). It took me quite a long time to work up to it, but with my amazing, honest boyfriend, I am now smoking it up with him every night/day we can. It's so nice that he let me just work my own way into it considering I was terribly shy about it just a few months ago.
    Just be honest with her, tell her the facts, let her go smoking with you and ask her if she would like some, and if she doesn't, it's okay. She can just hang out and be with you. But just give her time, and LOTS of it. :)

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