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Convince me please

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by itokeup1234, Nov 5, 2008.

  1. i am looking to either buy a half ounce of mids but i have friends telling me buying an eigth of dank shit is wayyy better. i think i might do that but convince me why an eigth is better.
  2. Not quite that easy... there's a lot of factors to consider.

    For one, have you seen the dank and do you know how dank it is?

    I mean, theoretically... you'd want it to be 4 times as dank as the mids to make the sacks of pretty equal worth... and for some reason the logic I just used there made me laugh. :p

    Also, how much are the mids, and how much is the dank?
  3. hey man, if a half of mids is worth more to you than an eighth of dank, BUY IT man

    the thing is, some people prefer smoking just a little bit of dank at a time (snaps from a bong, say).

    others like rolling fat blunts, which is better with mids

    it's really your call, man. don't let anyone tell you waht you should and shouldn't buy unless you're getting ripped off
  4. well id go with the mids cuz the dank is probally exspensive but how many grams are you gettin in the eight of dank? is it even real or is your friends tryn to sell you schwag to make some extra buck? and if u middle man if for exspensive shit ur most likely to get jipt i got experiences on both sides of the deal
  5. hah well they both are 60 bucks. and it is REAL dank, like covered with red hairs. i saw it the other day.
  6. This is a very good point too. Personal preference is a big factor.
  7. even though i could not imagine a more dick thing to do... Re sell the mids for more money then the worth and buy better shit... Sell it to ghetto kids who think they know everything about the herb... that'l show em...

    Just an idea...
  8. well the dank should be 60 but i pay 30 an eighth of mids so they mite be tryin to get an extra 30
  9. i think im going with the eigth, only because i have seen it and it looks crystalized in the sun and has red hairs and know its dank. i havent seen the mids but from other mid experiences i have had headaches and am always tired. thanks guys
  10. If you normally go with mids, go with the dank and treat yourself.
  11. personally id go with the mids.. dank is great but mids you can smoke fat joints and actually enjoy smoking it without getting "uncomfortably high". i have a very low tolerance (for example, after a month of smoking twice a day and it almost didnt go up) and i live in canada, so everytime i smoke alone i need like 3-5 hits. not bong hits, just like.. joint drags, or dry pipe hits.

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