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Convince me not to smoke resin

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by maryjane👌, Jan 15, 2014.

  1. I have a shit tone of homework and I always finish my hw faster when I'm high and enjoy doing it way more and I'm out of bud my dealer lives right infront of my house but he is out till 1

    Also I have more patience in doing hw and don't complain like a little bitch as much instead of doing it like right now
  2. Scrape that shit up and smoke it!

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  3. you want to spend time scraping and smoking for a headache be my guest man.or you could pull up your big boy pants and wait for your dealer. fuck
  4. Nasty fiend move. I would never.
  5. If you do it before people start ragging on it you'll see it has its place
  6. It has its place in the trash. 
  7. Smoke that shit op, I know you ain't no Sally!Sent from The Gods.
  8. #8 Ragekai, Jan 15, 2014
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    I <3 Resin.

  9. just self-asphyxiate
  10. Don't smoke resin.           /thread 
  11. #11 MrxNiceGuy, Jan 15, 2014
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    I will come in with an educated answer to your question.
    Res is black for a reason. It is known that Res contains only 2-5% Thc ...whats the other percentage? 95%-98% TAR 
    If you care about your health and would like to live a long time i suggest you drop the res for good because depending on how much your smoking you will cause yourself unwanted lung and health problems.... There is good news though op...
    You can use my FREE QWISO trick to aquire yourself some free high grade hash!! Check the tutorial out in the link.
  12. LOLLLLLL fiending man. I used to do the same shit back when I first started but now I'd rather just wait for my dealer to be good. Fuck resin dude, tried it once, barely even go high. Not worth it.
  13. I used to smoke resin back when I'd run out. I probably would again if I had to go more than a day without Mary, but if I'm getting a pickup later in the day sometimes I just try not to smoke all day just so the high is better once I get more stuff. 
    Resin won't do much, but it helps in desperate situations. 
  14. Everytime i smoke resin after 5 hits or so i cough up the most fucking disgusting black shit. resin makes me gag when i smell it now

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