Converting .wav to .mp3... Help...

Discussion in 'General' started by KeepSmokinReefa, Jul 20, 2007.

  1. Simple as that, I need a program that i can change a file from .wav to .mp3.

    I been making beats and layed down a lil track on one of my beats on a MP3 player (ghetto faboulus) and its a .wav file and i need to convert it to .mp3 to throw it on myspace.

    I searched google for one and came up empty handed.

    Any helps appreciated.

  2. Thanks homie, Ill be checkin it out later.

    Right now im re-writing this verse and go lay it down real quick before i gotta take off.

    Edit: Enjoy that third bar. ;)
  3. haha, thanks homie

    When you have it downloaded, just go to file > convert, just that easy
  4. If you still have audacity - I remember I linked you to it in another thread, open the wav in there, and do file, export MP3.

    Not to undermind slim's suggestion, but MusicMatch jukebox is a fairly hefty program, and while it doesn't fully tread into the world of 'spyware' - it's close. I really do not recommend downloading it.
  5. yea check they got tons but free mp3 converter is one i use. also audacity a cool program for messing with tracks.
  6. I got a program to do it thanks for the help yall.

    Now yall bout to hear KSR spit sometime tonight.

    I jus layed down a 2:30 minute song on my own beat. I jus gotta get it up on myspace.

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