Converting garage into bedroom

Discussion in 'General' started by UNLEASHED, May 20, 2010.

  1. Hey guys, I have been thinking and talking about this a lot and I am finally going to do it. Since I am probably not gonna be moving out of my house for a while, I am going to be moving to the garage.

    Right now it doesn't look so good. This Saturday we will be installing a new garage door with really good insulation. After that will be insulating and drying the walls. Adding in a door on the side. Carpet. Heating and air.

    It isn't going to have a bathroom or kitchen. But will have a fridge, microwave, tv, surround sound.

    Me and my best friend are talking about moving in. So will have both of our beds. a couch a coffee table. and other stuff

    Any suggestions or similar stories of people doing this.
  2. Sounds kinda ghetto :p. But I'm sure you'll make the best of it! Good luck :smoke:
  3. YOU know whaat YOU need, guitar + bass
  4. Depending on your location, you're probably going to need a permit from the city before you start any sort of construction. I don't get why you have to ask permission for some shit your building with your own money, but whatthehell.
  5. You need permits for adding on or drastic changes, drywall isn't really a big deal.
  6. more like a drumkit :D..

    sounds like the ultimate jam/smoke shack to me. have fun dude.
  7. what about when its 3 in the morning and ur friend needs to use the crapper
  8. I lived in my parent's garage for a bit before moving out, it's not that hard to walk to the bathroom. It did get hot/cold as fuck tho, since it wasn't a full on job with hella insulation and all. There was some but not much
  9. i slap a da bass man!!
  10. I'll post pics of where I am right now. My garage is essentially another house. You'll like it.
  11. So I live in satans asscrack right now and tryin to get the fuck out. Looking to move into a garage for cheap that's decked out with a kitchen and bathroom/shitter and shower. It could even be a ghetto bathroom like in jail where it just all out there in the open since its just me living there.

    I was wondering what are the legalities of doing this? I tell the people that I am quiet just in case its illegal :devious:

    btw im in SoCal
  12. Unless you have asshole neighbors who might turn you into code enforcement, I wouldn't bother with a permit. Just make sure you build everything to code in case you get caught so you can pull a permit after the fact. You can always call your local building dept. to find out what type of improvements require a permit in your area. Every place is different. I'm a building contractor in Florida where codes are super strict. Most of my work is new commercial construction these days but back when I did residential work, everything required a permit. In general, interior walls and non-structural improvements are fine. Electric and mechanical additions (new circuits and fixtures, heat/AC, plumbing, etc.) will require a permit. If you're cutting a door or window into a structural exterior wall, it probably requires one. New garage door, maybe. If you live out in the boonies or away from prying eyes and jealous busy body neighbors, you're golden.
  13. Im guessing from your area code that you live in LA, so going on that I'm going to say you will need a fan!! Shit gets hot and garages get musty/stuffy. Fan will help keep air circulating. Sounds like it's your families garage, so here's a little tip:
    -Food you don't want to share should be kept in the garage.
    -Not sure if you guys have racoons in LA, but make sure to keep all doors closed in the evening, racoons like everything you like: (hotdogs, pasta, beer) and they are smart enough to open beer cans (found this out the hard way). Nothing worse than coming home to an empty stash of beer and finding racoon puke all over the place.

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