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converting from blunts to a pipe

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by legalizeit843, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. 10 year blunt smoker converting to a pipe smoker.

    How much do I pack in the bowl?
    How do I know when its all ash?
    How often do I have to switch the screen?
  2. as much as it will hold, but not packed too tight.
    you'll know.
    i switch mine every month.
  3. 1) Pack the bowl as big as you can..because blunts hold a lot of weed
    2) When its white and a little black
    3) If its glass after every use if its any type of metal was after ever few uses
  4. 1) break it up and pack it full
    2)when you can blow into the pipe and the ash flys out
    3) no screen, just put a piece of bud to cover the hole

  5. I don't understand the whole discriminatory towards utilities of smoking the ganj, but to each his own. I like to mix it up all the time.. blunts, joints, the bowl, and the bong.

    But 1. Pack it as full as you can (or as many hits as you want)
    2. You'll know. It'll taste like shit and you won't get a clean hit.
    3. I don't use one :smoke: but I used to use a metal screen on a metal piece and i'd just burn that bitch clean when I was out of new ones.

    Happy toking :smoke:
  6. 10 years and you've never packed a bowl? Woah. That's crazy, hope you love glass, bro.
  7. 1. Pack as much as you want.
    2. When it's ash. You'll be able to tell by the taste in your mouth if it's about done.
    3. If it's glass you really don't need a screen, but if you must just make sure it stays clean so no rez builds up in it. If it's metal, depending on how much you smoke you're probably gonna have to change it once or twice a month.
  8. i vape, smome bowls, roll joints, roll blunts and smoke spliffs....soo yea why doesnt err body just use all the tools layed our for us. :)
  9. Joints and blunts feel so wasteful, especially if its just me smoking

  10. Not to be a dick, but don't listen to this guy on number two. If you blow into the pipe and it's NOT done, you just wasted that much weed. The most fool proof way to check is just stick your finger in the bowl. If everything crumbles under your finger like ash, it's done. If you feel some bud left, go ahead and torch it one more time.

  11. Quoted for truth.
  12. This. I love to switch it up. I get bored of smoking the same thing day in and day out.

    Anyways, listen to most of the advice on here:

    1. Pack as much as you want
    2. You'll know when its all ash, it wont light anymore and it will have a different taste.
    3. I don't use a screen with a glass bowl
  13. If I may make a suggestion pack the bowl full but not too full don't over pack it or it may not hit right just my opinion on that. ;)
  14. youre gonna love it. Notice you'll get a lot higher, plus save weed.
  15. ^ wut he of the best decisions you will ever make!
  16. i bought a glass and a steel pipe...u saying i have to change the screen after every use for glass? and after every few uses for the steel?
  17. 10 years of smoking blunts? you definitely have lung cancer by now

  18. makes sense...thanks for the tip :smoking:

  19. whats the purpose for the screen anyways?
  20. You'll know

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