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  1. hey there wanna make some pollin but i only have female seed atm is there a way anyone knows of to convert the sex of plant from female to male? thanks
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    colloidal silver ~ spray on selected bud(s) to stress. within a few weeks it will produce male parts. Once matured, carefully collect pollen, use that to 'paint' onto buds you want to grow seeds with. All seeds will be feminised.
    Good luck & happy growing! :)
  3. thank you. i will do this.
  4. He wants male seeds !
  5. Stress one of your plants and make it into a hermi
    Light leaking in on you plants when they are sleeping usually works .
    Or get some pollen and pollenate one branch or the entire plant .
  6. Hermi plants create female seeds..
  7. i need pollin to cross breed at a later time. i have hermid plants but its a guess and gamble for seeds. does it matter how mature the plant is in budding or just put on anytime while its budding?
  8. Don't wait until you have buds to start using the Col.Silver spray...
    It must be started on selected branch Before showing sex, then continued for approx three weeks .That way the new pollen sacks will have time to develop..
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  9. only female seeds ?
  10. Did i say only?

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  11. Well I guess I am confused , the OP wants male plant,, what good will it do him if he feminize his plant ?
  12. Ive read that they want to turn female to male, nothing about male seeds...?

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  13. yes i would like to turn female to male for the pollin to cross breed two plants
  14. I edited my post from seeds to male plant ,, sorry I did this while you must of already read my post before I got it edited .
  15. Stress the plant ...
  16. i tried light stress on my last batch and only got more seeds all look feminised

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  17. Use colloidal silver on one branch daily starting one week before you change your lights to 12/12 to time it right. By around day 21 to 30 you should have a ton of pollen sacks ready to open up and collect the pollen right at the perfect time to pollinate your females.

    If you start spraying the colloidal silver on the branch after you start 12/12 you will be past the prime time for pollination by the time the pollen sacks come in causing you to grow the strain out longer than thier prime just to give the seeds time to mature.
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  18. i will rember this
  19. How can you tell if they are male or female seeds?
    I look at my seeds to see if I can tell if they are male or female.
    But I wouldn't say I am 100% accurate …..

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