Converting 240V Dryer Plug To Standard Outlet

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    Hey guys, was curious if anyone knows if there is a way (without redoing wiring - I know absolutely nothing about electrical) to convert a 240v dryer outlet into a regular standard household outlet? Price isn't really too much of a concern, I dont mind paying $100 or whatever for a conversion box of some sort.
    I was speaking to my friend D_urbmon and he had mentiomed there is such a box you can purchase but I have been unable to locate any online, not necessarily to purchase, I just don't know the right name/phrase to describe it and would like more information.
    If I'm correct digital ballasts are able to run 240v as well? I am probably wrong but any help is appreciated!
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    Haha this is so funny. I need to do the exact sane thing, I literally just moved my dryer in search of a 30 amp circuit I saw on the panel, and realized it was one of those funky huge plugs.

    But the main wire is right there and if I could splice off of that and wire up another regular outlet fairly easily that would be nice. I run my lights at night so it is just getting wasted and I could use that to run some more.

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  3. Digital ballasts run anything from 120-240v, you can buy a cord that plugs straight into the ballast at a hardware store.
  4. Alright..that doesn't help though haha. I have all the equipment for my ballast
  5. You would need a step down transformer.
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  7. Got a link for the 3000 one?

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  8. Same site as the one you posted
  9. You ever get this resolved?

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