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    I'm sorry if this is a repetitive thread, but i'm new, buzzed, and clueless right now. :wave: so high errbody.

    Anyway, yesterday we rolled 20 using a white owl blunt cigar.
    So I was with 3 other people and they actually took a couple pulls also, and this guy was walking his huge fluffy dog in the park (I smoked 10 minutes prior) and I asked the guy...

    Me- What kind of dog is that
    Guy- Golden retriever/Poodle mix
    Me- fur00real
    Friend- it's mad cute, boy or girl?
    Guy- girl
    Me- so soft.. wow... the fur is really soft yo
    Guy- yea, soft like a poodle with a Goldens personality
    Me- Wait.. what?
    Friend- (pointing at me whispering "he's high")
    Guy- laughs and shakes his head
    Me- Am i wasting your time, should I pay you by the hour for petting your dog.. it smells though, so i better get a discount (friends giggle)
    Guy- no don't worry about it, have a good one
    Me- ok, good bye fluffy
    Look at eachother
  2. lollllllllllllllll, where i live i'd either get a stamp saying stoner in my forehead or someone would call the cops, im guessing both.
  3. haha me and a few friends were at the park and had just finished blazing , there was a huge, friendly st. bernard that we all went over to see, we pet it for like 5 min straight.
    It was soo soft lol
  4. Once we were smokin joints fishing at this river when some junkie walks down an start shoutin at us " the only thing yiz'll catch there is the virus!" ha ha sick sick man
  5. well i was at the movie theatre this weekend, i had blazed before i got there, and my friends and i were in line at the concession stand.
    no one else was in line except for us and when it was my turn to get what i want, i ordered a small mountain dew and stood there staring at the case of candies trying to see if they had skittles. so after i had already asked for my mountain dew, i was like "and i'll also have a.... a... uh..." then i stared at the case of candies for a good 45 seconds before i said "um that's all, thank you"
    paid and walked away, i felt like a dumbass :D
  6. Mountain Dew is the best thing about america I remember havin it when I was over there an I just wish we had it over here :(
  7. haha....i was baked at the movies a couple weeks back with my friends(also blasted) and my friend orders first asks for a large soda and when asked what kind he responds "uhhhh.... it doesn't even matter..." and the lady is just standing there like wtf and my friend gets really paranoid and runs away back to the theatre we were in and we all ran after like a bunch of blazed ass idiots it was fuckin retarted:)

  8. ha ha getting baked and going to the movies is the shit. I was torched out of my mind one time with my friends when we decided to go see a movie. i had to go park the car while everyone else went into the movie. i finally got inside and was pulled toward the concession stand, i spent 30 bucks on food and headed for the theater and i got inside my friends weren't inside. the realized they didn't have any money. Then I had to walk back get my money back and walk back to my car with thirty dollars of food in my arms. FML:hide:
  9. i was trippin a couple weeks ago and we went to taco bell for some food...the lady taking our orders saw me wearing a pink floyd t shirt and she strted talking to me about PF...i ws just like " ya they are awesome" lol...i was sooo fucked up was probly pretty obvious too lol, my pupils must have looked like dinnerplates
  10. ordering food at restaurants is always a challenge. i am pretty good at acting sober but my friend isnt so he said "i am just going to get exactly what you order" and after i ordered she looked at him, then he looked at me, then i looked at her and ordered the food, then the same thing happened when she asked him what he wanted to drink. it was really funny considering i was really high, along with like 10 other people
  11. Haha, I once was on break at work (or finishing my break, I was standing outside my work place smoking a cigarette after I had just finished blazing my car out) and some customer walked up behind me and I thought he said "Oh come on, don't blaze during the day.." I said "Oh man, anytime of the day is a good time to blaze" and he looked at me super funny and kinda laughed at me.

    Turns out he said "hello, having a good day?" lol

  12. haha thats so funny.
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    lmao. I can imagine this kid looking at his friends with this bewildered and excited look screaming "WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?!" while this dog-man-chesta-tha-molesta-motherfuck is still obviously within ear shot. LMFAOOO.

    I had just smoked about a gram of some dank out of a white owl on the way to my ex girlfriends resturaunt to get cheeseburgers. So we get in there and I throw down the exact amount of money required (Because my fat, stoner ass would do something like that, hahaha.)

    "Two cheeseburgers, please" While rocking the classic, shit-eating stoner grin.

    "Oh wow Ethan, YOU ARE OBVIOUSLY HIGH." Every person working and eating there stops, looks at me and the place gets silent.

    There's an incredibly long pause, which is followed by me saying "Haha... trueeee."

    And then I gave a thumbs up to everyone looking at me.

    "Bring me my food when it's ready" and I walk out front to smoke a cigarette. I go out there, and there's some old motherfucker who starts chirping at my stoned friend and I, saying "Oh yeah, I see what you guys are doing. Come over here and talk to me real quick. I'm not a cop - it's cool man!" I look at my friend, moving my lips to say "WHAT THE FUUUUCK" and he starts laughing so incredibly hard. Like, this cat had to sit down because he was fucking howling, ok? So I walk up and I'm like

    "How can I help you sir"

    Apparently this dude only yells when he speaks, fuck.

    I look around at all the people staring at me, giggle a little. Not because it was kinda funny. I actually giggled because it was FUCKING HILARIOUS, I was just being inconspicuous. Mothafuckahhh.

    "Well, officer, I have no marijuana... for you"
    "come on man, I ain't no cop! I work construction in destin (Nearby town) and I'm jsut an old hippy, like you guys!"

    I laugh again, same reason as before.

    "Well sir, I'm not an old hippy. Just a G."
    "Ah what?" Loud as fuck, still.
    " a G." My yell matches his.
    I look around.

    He says finally "Tha Fucks a G?!"

    My ex comes out with my food "Ethan, here!"
    I look around, my friend's still giggling hysterically while EVERYFUCKINGONE is just watching us like Discovery Channel HD, and i SCREAM as loud as I can: "THANKS BITCH!"

    I snatch my food, and we run to my car and peel out. lmfao
  14. Get stoned.

    Talk to a complete stranger:


  15. well i was blazed as fuck at school one time and i went to the water fountain to fill up my water bottle. As soon as i get there this other kid comes to the one next to me and starts filling up his and i was just like, "WOW holy shit what are the chances huh?!?!?" he just looked at me and i was like yea........

    and then another time i was blazed during study hall in school and i had my head down on my desk listening to music and my friend turned up the volume on my ipod suddenly without me knowing and all of a sudden the music was BLARING and i fucking tore out the earplugs and i was like "WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON! OH SHIT!!" and everyone stopped what they were doing and was just fucking watched me like i was presenting a speech or something
  16. Haha. That's great.

    Once friends and I got blazed in a park and saw some huge white fluffy dog.

    5 of us are petting it and it's just running around us in circles and weaving in and out.

    Owner laughs cose we were chasing it for about 10 minutes trying to touch the fur... :smoking:
  17. For the record I am not female....

    I couldn't resist fucking with this pathetic guy though.

  18. I dont wanna sound like a douche but shit thats like an everyday thing with me i get fuckin baked with or without my friends and i will be out and public and talk to people out on hollywood and on the metro. Most people are rude and wont reply to you either b/c they dont like stoners or they think your tryin to fuck with them. Best conversations i had were with bums and when your cool with them they usually share thier liqour if they got some. I myself just try to treat everyone like humans:hippie:
    peace and love
  19. "I'd like...4 and a half baconadors please."
    "Excuse me, sir? What is a half...a baconador..."
    "Oh shit, never mind."
    "Fuck, get me 5."
    " that all sir?"

    I pull up and the bitch got her manager and he's like "You ever come here under the influence again then I'm calling the cops and having a search on you, you are holding up my line and customers inside.." So I snatched the 20 dollar bill out of his hand and peeled off with my 3 friends giggling there asses off.
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    I was at my friends apartment not too long ago, faded off some 10.5% alc beer and a couple blunts. A friend that was at the party at the apartment gets mad at this girl he likes cuz she was flirting with me and he was being a huge dick to her. He broke her phone and was yellin at her to leave, so I went and sat outside with her.

    Well my friends neighbor comes outside, and I'm slurring my speech and stuff trying to comfort the girl. The neighbor came out and was like, "is everything okay?". I was like yeah just some bad stuff happening...I can't remember what all was said, but I remember talking about california and then hugging her before she went back inside.

    Lol, like a couple days after, I took a shower at the apartment and went outside to get a blunt and ran back up and saw that lady, she just smiled at me

    I've gone to fast food places lots of times high, and saying stupid shit and never had a person bitch me out... They just smile at me, or joke along.. Once I was at Mcdonalds and the lady asked for a hit and I was like for real? and she was like nah I'm on camera

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