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Discussion in 'General' started by infiniteawesome, May 1, 2006.

  1. Ok, so a friend of mine and I went out for coffee and he brought along his friend who's a cop. Now, keep in mind, I really hate cops and I was really sticking it to him for most of the conversations. We got to talking about various politics and right away he could tell I was somewhat of an unorthodox person in terms of my own philosophical beliefs. It got pretty heated and finally he said:

    "Yeh, you probably hate cops don't you?"

    Here's the jist of what I said:

    "No. On the contrary, I love you guys. The world is so fucked up and you guys, with all your ideals and beliefs on 'justice,' you're only propelling it further into this place that's not too different from hell. But the thing is, Jack, I'm all for this place being like hell, and I have to say all the politicians, warmongerers, policeman, and idealists . . . well, they're all doing such a good job at it that all I have to do is sit back and smile while it all turns to shit, I don't even have to lift a finger. All these fucking kids protesting or advocating anarchy? They're not doing half a good a job at turning this world into shit as people like you are. What I find most hilarious about the whole situation is that even if I tried to change things for the better, I'd probably just make it even worse by trying, so I'm just going to sit back and enjoy it. Hate you guys? Nah, actually I'd rather shake your hand on such a job well done."

    He was pretty apalled at this I guess so he simply replies and says, "Fuck you." He gets up and gets ready to leave before I say: "You're kind already has."

    He turned around and got ready to sock me one but he just gave me this creepy look and left . . . meh, fuck him.
  2. I would have loved for him to hit me, then i could beat the shit out of him without being charged with assaulting an officer of the law :p
  3. bet he arrests the first stoner he sees now.
  4. I mean hes a cop and all but you dont have to be a dick. Some stoners are fucking retards but its a bad stereotype. Not all cops are bad man. They get paid to be dicks, and your doing it for free. Whos to say your any better than him.
  5. yea dude being a cop is just another profession someone chose to make money and live their life. The concept of a cop is a very good idea, protecting the people, enforcing laws. Its the laws that are screwed not the idea of a cop.

    Its just that cops are human too and can be dicks and take their problems out on innocent stoners and we cant do JACKSHIT about it because they are the law and what they say goes.

    If there were no corrupt cops and no gay laws, people would actually like the police. Id be waving to them while i hit a bong or something
  6. one of my goals in life is to get into a full scale brawl w/ an off duty cop
  7. what you did was no better than tellin a black guy "you ******s are ruining america"

    judge people by who they are not what they are, if he was just a dickhead to begin with and you didnt like him then cool, but if ur hatin just cuz he's a cop then thats damn close to racism without the race
  8. i've always loved how everyone hates that potsmokers are stereotyped as pothead burnouts but yet then completely stereotypes all cops to be power-tripping, out to get you bad guys. lame double-standard

    edit: also keep in mind the cops werent the ones to outlaw weed...they're just trying to do what they're supposed to be doing and as much as i hate being caught also i've gotten to the point that i realize that i know what is legal and what isn't (whether i agree with it or not- thats still the way it is)
  9. yea dude, i like making people feel insignificant by using positive words. you should try that next time.

    when people realize that their arguements are being shut down by a "no-good stoner" who is using incredible debate skills, the silence that comes from their mouths is golden.

    like neg said, if he's a douche anyway, then fuck him....but just because he chooses to enforce the law as his occupation doesnt make him evil. he's not a lawyer or politician, he has nothing to do with the law but uphold it. and there are some cool cops out there, but after that berating do you think that he will be one?

    i lost a huge amount of respect for you.
  10. HAHAHAHA thats fucking great.
  11. Regardless of the negative replies to your post, I can understand (and actually applaud) your diatribe against this cop. I have no idea how the conversation went before you lambasted him, but if it was getting heated, that leads me to believe that it was a defensive tactic... which suggests that the cop wasn't all that 'cool' to start with. Now, if he was cool to you from the start and you just threw that out there for no other reason than to be a dick, then I'd lose respect. But to let loose with that little speech during a heated argument seems justified to me. Good on ya'! :cool:
  12. couldn't have said it any better myself.
  13. Yeah a cop who can't counter that comment you made with anything else than "fuck you" then turns and tries to storm out when the convo isn't going his way sounds like a total douche anyway. fuckem
  14. sounds to me like you were just being a total ass to him, when really he did nothing to you

  15. Ok .... Sounds like you were just a prick to a cop. You were in the company of a friends friend? and you pulled this shit? I would have slapped you silly. I would LOVE to see you come up with a better justice system , and you know what, I'd love to see you keep the streets safe. Cops are everyday people living there lifes. Yes, some can be dicks, but they are there to protect you, so don't take that for granted you arrogant punk.
  16. People seem to forget that not all cops are bad. There are good cops and there are pigs. Also keep in mind that as much as people hate the "pigs" that someone HAS to do that job. Think of what life would be like without them. Where would we be without some basic protection? If it weren't for the cops you guys probably wouldn't even be able to smoke weed regularly because the rest of the crime world would be out of control. It would be a fight for survival every day and there wouldn't be the time/patience/money to smoke weed.

    Do not hate a police officer simply for being a police officer. That man has to get by just like you, and for all you know has a family to feed. Not to mention cops get shitty salaries to begin with. I'm not exactly a cop lover, but I respect the GOOD cops. I've dealt with the bad ones as well, and that's why I feel there are good cops and there are pigs.

    And to our OP, may I ask what the hell you were thinking? What you did to that cop is no better than what our governement does to us every day. They judge us without listening, without even an attempt at reasoning with us. You looked and spoke to that man out of hate simply because of what you thought he represents. For all you know he's a weed smoker himself in his private life. Are you any better than the pigs out there? Are you any better than the DEA or the parts of the governement that want us to burn?
  17. That's like going to the pound and pissing on a dog because his fellow dog bit you. But if this pound puppy started the pissing, then he had to expect a good pissing back.
  18. Okay, first and foremost I do apologize for not further elaborating on the previous conversations, but basically he was going off about his sense of "justice" which basically consisted of him boasting about him busting people for minor offenses which he believed were extreme problems of society.

    Traffic violations, drug possession, even jaywalking seemed to this guy to give him the absolute right to be a total prick to everyone, as if everyone was a criminal trying to give him shit. Now, I'm totally cool with most cops I meet, I mean, most of them are just beat cops trying to make an honest living and keep people out of trouble

    If I weren't cool with cops, I wouldn't have gone out with my friend and her cop friend in the first place.

    Nevertheless, I am rather prone to disliking to outright hating cops who have an ineffable sense of justice that isn't determined by any form of law or morality, but just by their own personal views on how people should act. Cops like that deserve to have their own shit stuck back at em, so I did.
  19. I can see where you're coming from, I really can. On a normal everyday situation, I would have kept my mouth shut, but I'm rather sick of seeing the world being fed to the dogs due to people professing "ideals" like this cop was. If it were any other subject, something more specific, like ganja, the war in Iraq, even petty thievery, I could have more calmly argued the case, but this guy was being a total prick about the topic of "ideals" which I know, I should have just backed down from, but I didn't.

    Normally I'm not an asshole or an "arrogant punk" as you put it, but that guy just happened to push my buttons wrong and I feel I reacted accordingly. I don't feel like I did anything wrong.

    Still, you're opinion is valid to some extent. However I don't believe I can come up with a better justice system. If you read my original post, I said:

    "What I find most hilarious about the whole situation is that even if I tried to change things for the better, I'd probably just make it even worse by trying, so I'm just going to sit back and enjoy it."

    That isn't saracasm in any form or function, I truly believe that particular sentence.

  20. wtf.

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