Convection vs conduction

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  1. Convention vapes and conduction vapes. What's the difference between the heating and effect of vapor quality if there is any
  2. I'm new to vaping but from what I understand

    Convection: This is where you draw warm air over the bud to vaporize it. It is regarded as the superior of the two. My vape (Da Buddha) is convection and the vapor it produces is phenomenal.

    Conduction: Heating element is in direct contact with bud. One drawback is the ease of burning your bud with this method. A good example of a conduction vape would be the MFLB.
  3. it seems like convection vaping would be the best. I have never used a conduction vape, but it would be very easy to burn your bud. I have a vapor genie (convection) and it works great, I get crispy off of about .2
  4. Yep general rule of thumb is that convection is the way to go if you want super efficient extraction and vapor quality. Convection vapes tend to have a lot of energy usage compared to conduction vapes (it has to heat a heat sink hotter than your vaporizing temperature rather than going right to it), which means you'll get less battery life out of a portable convection than a conduction vape.

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