Controversy about Restrooms

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Free Hat, Nov 7, 2018.

  1. So lately there has been this controversy about which restrooms transgender people should be using. We had a ballot question in Massachusetts that would allow anyone to use whichever bathroom they choose depending on their gender identity. I think this goes a little too far and the real test should be this:

    If you have a penis you have to use the men's room. If you don't have a penis you can use whichever restroom you want.

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  2. So your saying a chick can piss in the urinal?
  3. If she has the aim, why not?
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  4. Have my vote sir . If this passes we may have to change or alter rules to who can piss the farthest .
  5. well just like the handicap/female/male bathrooms, transgender will fall in that category. There is already "same sex" bathrooms all over the world, northern west coast society is just late.
  6. Sure, transgender people have a mental disorder but to say they're handicap is just harsh.
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  7. A was in a laungeri shop a while back and I was looking at a wee 2 piece for the Mrs. The assistant came over and asked if I needed any help and don't ask me why but for some reason my response was, in my campest manner possible "Oh yes sweety is there somewhere I can try this on"
    Without flinching or even missing a fuckin beat she said certainly sir and pointed me to the changing room marked female.
    I'm 6ft tall, look ruff as fuck and have a massive mohawk and she was actually gonna let me do it.
    I questioned her about it and she told me shed lose her job straight away if she refused me!!!

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  8. If your 7 y/o daughter was using the restroom and a 40 yo dude came in and pulled his dick out next to her would you be ok with it?? Fuck no. transgender using whatever restroom thing is bullshit, and if your ok with it fuck you and your child molester ass
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  9. According to the NHS transgenderism is no longer a mental disorder. Which is interesting if that's the case if there is no illness they should stop spending my fucking taxes on these freaks.

    Handicapped isn't harsh. If I had my schlong chopped off in a freak accident I would count myself as handicapped. these people are doping it by choice it seems, but the result is the same.

    Transgender bs is more of the elites attempt to subvert society, family values and well - just have a big laugh at our expense.
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