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Controlling your high

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by The Popo, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. ever been too high and have trouble controlling your high. what are some tricks from all you seasoned tokers, when i smoked often i only had that problem when i first started. now i dont smoke that much so i get super stoned every time. it has its advantages but also its disadvantages and i find just buggin out and acting like a fool are the two downsides on being "too high" what are some tips to still enjoy being super fucked up but also enjoy and control the high..?
  2. I hate black pepper. I hate the black keys on a piano.
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  4. the only thing i cant control is the giggles. everything else, i suppose self discipline and umm, restrain? mental strength..
  5. Know what you can do and what you're too high to do. If you're too high avoid going out in public or doing any other thing that might cause you frustration or paranoia. The more comfortable you are, the better the experience will feel and easier it will be to handle. It's all about set and setting.

    If the feeling is just overwhelming and you don't like it, cut back and smoke less next time
  6. well honestly its a mind controll thing . when you find yourself getting out of control just think really hard about not doing that shit or just think about something else. find something that combs you and you'll be fine. but you'll be out of control if thats the only thing your thinking about when your smoking :] hope i helped :]
  7. Don't let the Paranoia take over... Don't think about controlling the high... Think about riding the high out for as long as possible. Just put some chill tunes on and chill.

    Keyword: Chill :smoke:
  8. Watch Spongebob, you'll forget all about it. Swear to god
  9. You can't control what a drug does to you. You have to get used to the effects, when you are used to the effects is when you think you are "controlling" the high.
  10. Mind over matter. You have to get used to being high and functioning like a normal person. Think before you act and decide if it'll just be spastic or whatever. Just learn self control and stay relaxed. Most 'seasoned tokers' are so relaxed because they mastered their high with time.

  11. ^ exactly, that is where alot of my anxiety comes from when i smoke. I used to try and not be high after smoking, and fought the high. That would always cause tension and panic attacks.
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    You must not of heard me POTNA.
  13. ok so no you cant control wat a drug does to you sometimes. but still weed isn't like hard core so you can still have control over your body if you want to .

  14. nah i totally disagree on this one. i used to smoke..a lot, so i had a good tolerance and was always chill, now i smoke every so often so i get super fucked up each time. Its how high i am that makes it hard not to bug or for instance order something at a restaurant. I used to be fine but its like the words i wanna say dont come outta my mouth, i say some really stupid sentence that doesnt make sense like "i will have pork sandwich and a napkin" or i just bug out about something stupid, not really getting caught but like my throat being too dry to talk and it burns when i try.. im very used to the effects of marijuana ive been smoking for 2 years and often for about 1, but now i cooled down and i just seem to get too fucked up. im wondering if there is a way to get the same fucked up but not have any problems

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