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Controlling The Munchies

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by OptimusRhyme, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. Whenever I get high, I seem to go through stages of my high. At first is the "high".. The good part. After my high starts to come down, for some reason it's like my brain just tells me to eat. Im not hungry or anything, I just want to eat and once I start it's like crack. I cant put food down. Its kind of like natural, I dont think, just eat.
    Then all the eating gets me tired, I fall asleep and the cycle repeats.

    All this to get to one simple question: You guys have any advise for controlling the munchies?
  2. Eat before you smoke, and have some self control.
  3. This ^^^

    Also, when I get the urge to munch out hardcore, I usually make a myself some coffee or something. For some reason drinking a hot beverage cures my munchies.
  4. what kyle said and keep yourself occupied, if you dont think about it youll usually forget
  5. And what are you eating? Try some fresh fruits or a salad! Those fiber-less Ho-hos and white bread sandwiches break down into almost nothing, and your hunger returns! Fiber keeps you full!
  6. I'm usually pretty conscious of what I'm eating and try to eat healthy, but once I'm stoned I gobble down all the typical stoner foods lol. Next time I catch myself stuffing my face I'll try some healthy substitutes
  7. I USED marijuana to LOSE 60 lbs last year.

    All about self-control. Don't blame the weed and stereotypes :p Keeping healthy alternatives is also another great route to go, as Granny said. If you can't help but binge, at least you will be doing it positively by not feeding your body that HFCS (absolute poison, should be avoided at all costs) in junk food.
  8. My mama always said, 'if ya don't wanna eat it, you're not hungry enough'.
  9. The doc is totally right about high fructose corn syrup! Before there were strains of mice and rats that get diabetes because of their genetics, the way to create diabetic mice and rats was to feed them a diet loaded with HFCS!

    And recently white rice has been implicated in causing diabetes. The lack of fiber lets the simple carbohydrates from the rice "slam" into your body causing a bad reaction. Your blood sugar rises quickly and then drops like a stone! (this is why you are hungry an hour later after eating Chinese food- the massive drop in blood sugar makes you hungry)

    Learn about nutrition, it affects you more than you know!


  10. People still eat white rice? Eek! I don't even like the taste of it :( I try to avoid white carbs whenever possible. If I want something high in calories in low in nutrition, I am going for a chocolate bar, not white rice or white bread :smoke: At least chocolate bar will contain some vitamins that aren't "enriched".
  11. As are most breads too!! its a shame that most whole wheat breads contain enriched flour anymore.

    Keep eating healthy, fruit, nuts, peanut/cashew/almond butter are great when blazed.

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