Controlling Life

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  1. I didn't know whether to post this on philosophy or not.

    When humans find out how to control all the genes in our DNA, would it be a better world?


    Would the people who control the world use it to get more obedient and productive sheeple?

    Imagine if the slavers in history could fully control their slaves?
  2. Time will tell, but by how things are working where the government and corporations are controlling things now it sure looks scary. I often wonder if I am living in a century where we are lucky to have a lot of technologically advanced stuff before it goes out of control. I'd especially watch out for the US government; they seem sneaky
  3. Watch the movie 'Gattaca'. Not even joking
  4. You don't have to control ALL genes in the DNA to make slaves. Just have to control the few important ones.

    But I don't think it's economically viable.

    I think the cost of making one slave will be so high that the new born slave will never be able to break even within his/her life time.

  5. then we find out bill gates was genetically designed as an income whore with mega brain building genes and hence, the govt now relies on his ass for cash on the regular hahahahahahah. THAT would be quite the american plot twist... but yea there is no way it could be cost effective. Maybe making a super army to take over the world and then get all the money in existence, but... thats just unreasonable and likely would end in nuclear winter

  6. That's why you have to cut costs.

    How to cut cost in slave manufacturing business :

    1. Use the existing people.

    No need to build them from scratch.

    Invade some weak country, take out their government and the millitary, and then sell the people.


    Take over just one lousy country and you have at least a couple of million slaves.

    Of course I'm only joking.

    Nobody should invade anybody.

  7. hahahahaha right right, but what i was implying is that as soon as this started, some other country would disagree strongly and ww3, or 4 i lost fucking count would start and it would be the end of days
  8. And if they didn't disagree and let the Americans take over the world? Who's 'end of the days' is it now?

    Hey, I'm really only joking. I hope you're laughing.

    Or at least smiling.


  9. If they had the technology to do that, I assume they would of replaced them with more efficient machines by then.

    I wouldn't mind the super speed or intelligence upgrades though. :smoking:
    Too bad it would all undoubtedly get put in the wrong hands..
  10. Im telling everyone, WATCH GATTACA!!!
  11. Alright alright... I heard you the first time...

    I watched it like twenty times already... geez...
  12. Sorry, ADHD explosion right there....
  13. I just googled ADHD and it's WHAT?

    You have ADHD?

    How's that working out for you?
  14. Haha, a little here and there. Nothing diagnosed. I blame ADHD for my random blurts though, whether it be the culprit or not =0
  15. LOL.... you're funny man... :D
  16. Im so zoned right now, I should take a break and roll up a doooob
  17. I think they will create soldiers this way. Private armies of clones.
  18. both imo...

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