Controlling heat in small cabs

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    I live in the tropics and am running a 10" x 20" cabinet with 4 x 23w CFLs and small seedlings. The idea is to grow for a month or so and then move outdoors for flowering. Outside temps are warm/hot, so I need to cool things down in the cab. I'm leaving lights of in the afternoons and have a 4" exhaust and ventilation holes, but it's not adequate.
    I know intake fans aren't recommended, but I was thinking if I added another 4" to blow outside air directly onto the seedlings, it could do the trick. Or maybe I would be better to just add the extra 4" as exhaust and increase the ventilation holes?
    Any thoughts? Thanks!

  2. Thats what I would do. The best you can do is get more room temp air in by exhausting out more hot air

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