Controlling dreams?

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  1. So I was thinking about the phenomenon known as dreaming tonight. I had a wierd thought (you know the ones) about them that i wanted to share.

    So everyone has dreamed and knows what its like. I honestly can't explain it, but most of the time it feels like you're doing something while awake, hanging out, at school, normal stuff that happens in your life (sometimes trippy stuff happens). But then suddenly you wake up, and your like what the fuck.

    Then theres also sleepwalking. Where someone will act out their dreams.

    Some people can also control their dreams, make active decisions in the dream world.

    What if all of that was combined, and in a few million years you can link your dreams to real life. And basically live out basic life while asleep?

    I ask that questoin, and leave the rest to you.

    Holy crap i am high, i hope to god it makes sense!!!!!
  2. crazy stuff. but yeah, lucid dreams are the shit. i had one last week. :)
  3. I do believe thats called the Matrix, or Waking Life.

    However, you can "train" yourself, so to speak. There's been a couple books I've read that touched on lucid dreaming, and a recurring theme is that trying to spin around in a dream brings you further into being able to control it. Something about how spinning around and dreaming have overlapping areas of activity in the brain.
  4. yea you should probably watch waking life

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