controling women why?

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    i dont understand why some guys like to be with a controlling women, take my buddy for example, him and his girlfriend have had a terrible rocky relationship, well now shes pregnant. i dropped him off at his house earlyer from giving him a ride to go pick up, and he gets in the house, he immediately runs back out to my truck and giving chase was his girlfriend screaming "you better fucking sell that fucking stupid bag of dope you fucking stupid asshole!", he gets in the truck and tells me shes making him sell the bag of weed,because she wanted the money to go buy new clothes for herself, i take him around the block and i just give him what he paid for the bag 60 bucks,and told him to keep the weed.even though im having problems with money and am getting by merely by a hair, he needs it more than me

    i just dont get it, he already dumped her once and took her back. ive tried to talk to him about it but he just changes the subject and dodges the question, i feel as if i should give up on him but hes been my friend ever since i can remeber
  2. if i were him i wiil not control
  3. applause.
  4. There's a lot more to a friend's relationship then you would know, keep your friendship between you and him and his relationship between him and his girlfriend. She must make him happy in some way or another or else he wouldn't stick around, so relax a little because there's probably more behind the scenes. It sounds like he's "happy", seeing as he doesn't want to talk about her. Enjoy your friendship with him, focus on that. :smoke:
  5. Sounds like to me your buddy is good old-fashioned pussy whipped!
  6. I wouldn't be with one either from being in a family mainly women being controlled from childhood and yelled at, I have learned that I do not want to deal with that bullshit rather chill with a quiet, down to earth one.
  7. So you gave your buddy 60 bones so he can take his girl shopping? so she can further control him?

    Dude, youre helpin her out more than youre helpin your homie out...
  8. Sorry to hear that man, really sorry :(

    People are insecure, so they need a confident person in their lives, it used to be the opposite but nowadays, we, guys, are brought up as fucking pussies because of the over-inflated feminism present in institutions

    and don't get me wrong, feminism is a good thing

    but when women dominate men, it's still the same fucking bullshit, only the other way around :eek:

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