Controling PM in flowering? Or chop time.

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  1. Hellow, I have some plants that are like 5-6 weeks into flowering. They are all clones from 2 different dispensaries. Both of them sold me clones with powdery mildew on them. Anyways, so far i have done a pretty good job of keeping it from spreading. I have been spraying the buds with greencure. But the mildew comes back slowly after 3-4 days. Idk how much GC I want to spray on my buds. I have yet to find any mildew on the buds themself, but i found like 3 spots where they were a little to close for comfort. I have removed every infected leaf within a day or two of it showing up. But the less i spray the more leaves i would have to remove.

    So i have 6 plants, 4 of them have about a half ounce of bud. And 2 that have about an ounce. Most of them could grow at least another few weaks . But im not sure how much i want to keep spraying the buds. The last time i sprayed about 10% of the hairs turned brown. The plants have gotten really small amounts of nutrients because PM growns better on plants with high nitrogen. Im being really paranoid about PM.

    How many of you would chop plants like these down? How many would keep them up? Keeping them up longer means i risk burning them from spraying to often, or getting mildew. Keep in mind i have to dry and cure without getting moldy too so i want to have 0 spots of mildew when i chop (right now there is none).

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  2. Never had to deal with powdery mildew. What I would say is to keep the air as dry as possible and keep your grow room at the proper humidity level and clean clean clean.

    When I have problems with a crop the very minimum for me and my strains is 50 days. When it all goes smooth we cut down at 60-65 days on average. With the last 5-7 days on 1/8 strength nutes.

    Your buds look real nice and I'm sure you can get at least another week or so just keep a watchful eye out and remove what u see

  3. I think you are probably right, they look too healthy too chop so early. Any had experiences similar to mine? Im just afraid of this stuff because it grows so quickly. One day its not there the next day there will be plenty of leaves that need be pulled.

    ty for coming to the city just for me ! welcome brother.

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