Control my life for two days

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  1. Alright GC, I just woke up and Im feeling adventerus(sp?) It's 3:23 pm, est time. Im going to let you guys decide what I do with my day. I have no bud, no girlfriend and 190 in cash. My skills include playing poker, driving, cooking, cleaning, drawing, writing and freestyling. I'm off today and tomorrow (fri) From this time frame, I am all yours. Just nothing outlandishly illegal. I await thy commands
  2. Shove a banna in your butt
  3. Eew,lol. Nothing homo either.
  4. start filling out applications for jobs in your area....and I'm simply going off what you gave me to work with
  5. Fill out job applications, maybe take up a evening class cooking or writing ? , and maybe you'll end up meeting a girl with the same interests :)
  6. I have a job already, Im off for 2 days. But if thats,what yall want me to do, then ok
  7. Only spends 20$ on weed.

    Buys sunglasses if none are available.

    Finds poker game wherever possible and plays conservative.
  8. mail me the 190 and ill send you a few porn mags
  9. ^^He totally said nothing homo^^
  10. Buy an 8th and roll either a fat blunt or a joint, you decide. Next get some gas in your car and start driving towards the country. Find a radio station you like or use your own music and turn that shit on. As soon as you hit some nice backroads, spark up the blunt/joint and enjoy.
  11. I want you to go out tonight, party, hit on girls, have a ball and come back with a story. Not just any story, but a fucking awesome one.
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    1) Buy a gram
    2) Ask a random ugly chick out on a date. You now have a girlfriend. Make with the butt secks.
    3) Photo copy the remaining $170 and play poker with a 400 lb bodybuilder mobster. (try not to get the shit kicked out of you, it ruins the fun)
    4) Drive to my house in Netcong, NJ and give me the real $170 in exchange for a handshake.
    5) Cook me some chicken teryaki.
    6) Clean my toilet. Should take a few hours.
    7) Draw a giant dick on my neighbors door and sign your name, address, and phone number underneath. (For bonus points, include a picture of yourself.)
    8) Write a touchingly dirty sonnet for me to use when I go clubbing in Prague.
    9) Make a sick freestyling video that I can post on youtube saying it was me.
    10) ???
    11) Profit.

  13. My suggestion sounds quite the opposite to me.

    One could also argue that this thread a bit a homo. Asking a male dominate website to control you? Idk man.
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    I always got loooove for the homies. Kidding. I just wanted to see what people would do in my circumstances to get some ideas. Unabomber, I GOTCHUUU! And lmfao at the person who said to draw a dick on a neighbors door. I was gonna put condoms on everybodys doorknob in my apt complec
  15. Nono, put socks, then everyone will come home and wonder who is fucking in their house, especially if they live alone. :laughing:
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    Lol. How can I get an abundance of socks?
  17. Dollar store?
  18. walmart
  19. Condoms are better it'll give your apartment neighbors better stories to tell their friends
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    And I can get plenty from a clinic, for free. That clinic could be a prank in itself. Its starting to look like a prank day

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