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contradictory observation

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by StateofReverie, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. I just smoked 2gs from a blunt, been using bong for weeks so I was pumped for a mix up. And. My eyes aren't bloodshot, they are normal. I would not need eyedrops or anything. Also I am not coughing anymore :p

    -weed quality is dank

    -2g is a lot for me, about 2.5x my usual dosage

    Does this happen to anyone here too?
  2. Well how's the high? I feel like it would affect you more since switching toking methods from the usual gets me higher, therefore making my eyes redder, etc etc.

    Also, bongs are much healthier than blunts so I feel like if you KEEP smoking blunts, your cough will get worse. Stick to the glass man!
  3. Blunts just don't get you as high as glass. With glass you're getting a sizable amount of THC, but blunts are always burning so you lose a considerable amount just from the constant burning. 2 grams is a pretty fat blunt though. You should of been high as fuck. When you took a hit from it was it hard to get a lot of smoke? Maybe you rolled it too tight. Either that or it was too loose and burned really fast.
  4. You can get higher with a bong than with a blunt when using the same amount of cannabis for two reasons.

    - Some of it isn't wasted because a blunt runs way more than a bowl.

    - You can get more smoke in a bong hit than a blunt drag.

    Same principle applies to smoking herb or dabbing concentrate, when you go back to smoking green after dabbing, the effect doesn't seem as strong as it was before, but over time your body will get used to not dabbing and the high from just smoking will get better.

    I've also experienced this with smoking joints after months of using a bong, I could face an entire one and it still doesn't get me as high as a bowl pack.

    You can thank your good ol' friend tolerance for all this

  5. It was a 4g l in a swisher. I just smoked half of it. I dont know how to roll blunts so I had a friend do it for me. Man he made a fucking hell of a blunt, I was impressed. It was rolled tight so i had to pull a bit to get smoke (doesnt lose as much thc to smoke imo).

    Pretty high right now but I was super super high for the first half hour. I got myself to take a shower so I can function better and enjoy the high haha
  6. Blunts are fun but you end up wasting too much weed. You put 4g of dank in a blunt, 4g of dank would last me a week using the vape and getting ripped every time.
  7. Yeah, see man, when you roll blunts or joints you DON'T want it to be tight. You want to just barely put your lips to it and get a mouthful of smoke. Secondly, taking a shower is known to diminish your high.

  8. Thats what I meant it was tifht enough so that i could do that perfectly. I even could have it in my mouth while saying "Im da man"

    Well before my shower today, the last time I showered was sometime last week so the shower in this case was refreshing still but ya showers usually diminish my highs. And masturbating

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