Contradiction no?

Discussion in 'General' started by Something New, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. I was just thinking, you know how almost all forums always keep saying "use the search button" "shoulda used the search feature" blah blah....

    But if you search for a thread and reply to it, then everyone just says "nice bumping a 1000 year old thread" "nice grave dig"

    So which is it? lol
  2. You can't win dude. Even if you managed to figure out the insane way in which the search function works on most forums, you end up w/ 2000 threads as a result and literally none of them are even close to what you're looking for.

    You basically have to start your post like,

    "I searched the forums and found some information, thanks guys your information is so great, but because I'm so interested in what you all have to say, I'm here asking more specific questions, so that we can have a freshly organized set of info here, because I want to help others. Could you please tell me why x?"

    People love to be flattered, and in control. So tell em they're pretty and smart, and let them do most of the talking. Then you'll be accepted no matter which forum faux pas you choose to commit.
  3. fuck it man, do what you want. If people give you shit, just say fuck em. If life gives you oranges, say fuck it.
  4. This is the Internet, nobody wins :p

    Do what you wanna do
  5. This made me lol, so true. But awesome replies. :gc_rocks: Was just thinking out loud (i guess), it doesnt bother me that people say this was just pointing out the contradiction. But GC always has uplifting/helpful comments (usually :p)

  6. Yeah I've definitely noticed it too man:rolleyes:
  7. If you are asking a question that has been asked a million times, you can find the answer in a thread if you search for it. There will be no need to bump it. If you necro bump a thread to continue the discussion odds are it's about something we can't talk about anymore, or just something that doesn't need to be talked about and is pointless. Like some "current event" from five years ago. Or some stupid thread like "HI I'm from ____ anyone else?!?!".
  8. I usually close grasscity, open google, and search for something like "how to roll a joint grasscity", then the google results are actually navigable and make sense, and bring me right back to the site. That's the best way I've found to find anything.
  9. People like to be assholes. Especially when they're safe behind a computer. how hard is it to skip down the list to the next thread?

  10. Wow, I've got alot to learn.

  11. What do you mean?

  12. Same here, we need something like this but for GC.

    SPoogle- Search SP without its stupid ass search bullshit

    That was for a forum I used to lurk, it was a great idea.
  13. This is way more efficient.

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