Continuous cycle?

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  1. Hi all,
    I've been reading a while now and have learned a lot. Thank you everyone for all your stories and information. My first grow is a couple weeks from harvest - that's just from bag seed to see how my little setup in the attic works. Seems okay. I just got some seeds from Attitude and what I'd like to do is germinate them, veg and clone and move the clones out of my grow room while I nurture the clones in the basement. Optimally, I'd like to take the clones, have them under fluorescent tubes for a while until the flowering upstairs is done and then move them up, veg a while, take some more clones and repeat the process. Trouble is, I've only got one HPS lamp in my grow room and right now can't afford a MH to hang over the clones. Will they do alright under fluorescents for the length of time their mothers will be flowering? It just seems like I can't do it. Anybody got any pointers on how I can keep growing and without having to buy seeds and wait about 3 months for each harvest? If this is my goal, do I absolutely have to have two grow lamps? Thanks all.
  2. If u want two cycles ( veg. and flower) u have to have 2 lights and 2 timers. There's really no way around it, that I know. U can keep ur clones under floros until they root but if u want to keep a
    couple big mother plants, take clones off every couple weeks, root clones then flower, ur gonna need stronger light than floros to keep on the mothers, like MH. Hope I didn't confuse u. Keep saving for that MH, u'll b so glad u did when u have a ever flowing river of GREEN!! Good luck
  3. I use T5 HO fluoros to clone and veg. I have 2 400W MH lights that I do not even use anymore. The T5s give me just as good vegging growth as a 400W MH.
  4. Thanks for the info, folks. Yeah, I kinda thought that was the case but also thought maybe some old-timer had a super neat trick for getting by. I'll have to look into a small MH to keep some peeps vegging and ready for 12/12.
    Happy growing.
  5. for me, I find flouros are better, otherwise my vegging plants would grow too fast... I have problems now with them under flouros lol, but I use an HPS for budding. If I had a MH for veg.. frick i couldn't keep up.
  6. what brand T5HO ballast/set up did you get? a link, or personal review on your T5 purchase would be great for me to hear. (its my next purchase, leaning towards the BIG badboy)..
    PM me if you dont mind, and sorry for temporarily thread jacking!

  7. Yeah, I was kinda worried about getting too ahead of myself also. What kind of fluoro rig do you have and how long do you veg under it?
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    Well I am currently using 4 - T12's 40w the cool white. and then 2 - 23w? cfl 6500k, and that lights a 3' x ..4 - 4.5' area and then I have it setup to where I can raise and lower. Works wonders, I have a MH I could use, but the fluoros go too fast at the moment anyway. lol. I am growing 5 different strains ranging from sativa to indica and they all do well under the fluoros for the veg. Depending on the strain, (I clone) I veg anywhere from 2-3 weeks to 1-2 months, then I put it under a 400w hps for another 1-2.5 months.

    -the cool white T12s are 4100k

    -If space is an issue, veg under all Cfls, those would work great too.

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