Continuous burn and pain

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  1. THis is not a thread about genital warts, as much as I'd bet yall would love to hear a story like that haha

    Anyway i have this problem see?
    there is this Beautiful woman i know, ya dig and she must like me on some level due to affection that I would get in class from her.

    Unfortunately the semester has ended and I will probably not see her in school ever again (2nd semester of senior year, im 18 you fucks)
    so normally this would be ok I would just hit her up (got her # a long time ago)and ask her out some time

    and you have to understand, you cannot deny the chemistry we have, anyway so everytime i call this girl, or text her she will not pick up calls, and so im think she was leading me on ( i dont think 100% intentional)

    so i dont really understand the position im in

    i know she has flirty attitude towards people so id normally be like oh i guess shes just flirty shes not really paying me any mind and just thats her personality, but she will ask me to sit by her and we spent the whole exam day together helping her with something and we always sit by each other and shes kinda physical some days ya dig?

    anyway my friend says that I should chill talking to her for like a week then call her, and normally i wouldnt think this is a good idea, because i dont think women like that head games bullshit, but in these circumstances i think i am going to have to play

    so whats the deal fellow blades?
    i can ususally read people very well but she is a mystery, i have no ideas what her intentions are ( if any)

    i was thinking about calling her next weekend and seeing whats up what do yall think

    ill give more background info in a bit, but i have to go to work now so ill be on later

    please reply and give feedback is always appreciated
  2. shameless bump
  3. Did you just call me a fuck? Fuck you! :p

    Listen to your friend, by the way.
  4. this thread did not deliver... good day sir!
  5. Now I know this is going to sound crazy but bear with me. Next time she's being all flirty and physical, you say, "hey so I was thinking we should hangout sometime. What are you doing this weekend?"

  6. yes one would think that but unfortunately it is difficult, as now the semester is over i never see her and thus I would have to hit her up on phone, which she seems to not have.....

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