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Continuesly falling into a pit of depression

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Grandsouls, Sep 30, 2017.

  1. Read above after your message . I’m trying really hard I just hope I get a chance with him
  2. Reasonable thank you
  3. First of all, you targeting my character and integrity as though you know something about what I'm saying moreso than i know of than myself, shows to me that your want for pride is the same as you not knowing what you are asking for!

    Knowledge is power, power corrupts.
    If you want power, attain knowledge, but that is always backwards because you say you want to not be depressed anymore. You want pride.

    Pride is simple, know something worthwhile and that is well versed and practiced, and when you recognize that you have attained power that no one else has, you will be proud.

    There is a saying, "The more you know the more you suffer."
    Go ahead, be proud.

    But what I'm saying, is that if you had any internal power, since pride and knowledge is external power, you'd be able to thrive through providing mercy instead of justice and self-righteousness.
    Let me quote you this one, "When the power of love, overcomes the love for power, the world will know peace."

    It's not so much as an empty saying.
    You cannot love, what you cannot understand.
    To choose to understand, and to love, is to choose living over knowing.
    Knowing something breeds pride and power, knowing nothing as well as understanding and loving, breeds life and peace.

    So would you by any means necessary choose power, knowledge, and pride, over mercy, life, and peace?

    Humanity is a walking contradiction, we're all hypocrites in one way or another, we all contradict ourselves in some way. But as i said before, we have to fight regardless. And I am not by any means, as you have said, zero pride, and unmotivated. I've been there, i've done that, i've learned the consequences of pride, and have learned how to pick my battles. Motivation requires you to want something. Let me tell you this much, there is a difference between wants and needs. Look deeper into yourself, and ask yourself, do you really want to want? Isn't what we want always have lent a hand toward humanities doom? It's impossible to save humanity, all I said was, that if humanity were able to be saved, it would be through the path of mercy. Mercy, takes, internal, power. Need I spell it out? It's easier to judge, than to perceive. We're all capable of pride, but it's a rock, paper, scissors battle. Since it's a dog eat dog world, there's always someone out there who's going to be stronger than you in that sense. So why bother playing the game of dominance through how proud you are. It's not so phony once you get the sense of what is really going on, the intrinsic value and metaphysics of it all.

    I say this, I know nothing. Humanity's nature fears what it does not know. Yet if I know nothing and fear nothing, have I not transcended my own nature? And transcendence itself is the most powerful attainment of internal strength possible. Good luck to you, and I hope your proud of yourself.
  4. Been there done that as they say many times in life and i'm old now, retired years ago... i won't use the term god as it is used too often in illusionary ways and abused more than the F word, but nothing wrong with reaching out to "creative intelligence" that keeps the planets and stars doing their thing as well as ants, nats, bees and trees"...

    YOU TOO are LIFE and part of the field totality of energy and without you being an integral part, it would implode... don't buy the negative programming from your dad or compare yourself to this insane society we try to "adjust" to... to be well adjusted often means one is a puppet to the propaganda of ignorance...

    The times I've found myself at a crossroads seeking direction I've felt helped by some guides such as Alan Watts but there are many others... here is a video i'm watching now and posted it earlier today in an old Alan Watts thread i found... many others on YT as well.. but one thing that helps is to know that it takes some aligning yourself with the rhythm of the universe and your "right place of employment" will be drawn to you as well as you to it... repeat repeat repeat...

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  5. That’s very true.. Iv felt this way before and i got through it..
    thank you

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