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Continue Smoking in College?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by fight no more, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. I move in to my college tomorrow and I don't know whether or not I should smuggle my stash up there. I don't know if my roommate will be 420 friendly. I think I should get used to college before I start smoking again. I may leave my stash at home until winter break.

  2. it's college...

    everyone smokes
  3. heh, if there's anywhere/anytime that's the best for pot, it's college. Trust me
  4. theres a time and place for drugs. College.
  5. yeah dude, bring your stash. your roomate will smoke.. everyone smokes. and if he doesn't, keep it to yourself and the other friends you make, no need to try to convert him.
  6. You should start a study group.
    "Sativas & Studies"
  7. #7 SwiftBlaze, Aug 10, 2011
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  8. Mannn that would be fucking sick like all the students would have a bong and they pack up some high grade sativas, all at once they snap a huge bowl of it then study on their next exam.

    Fuck im high :wave::smoke:
  9. this is how my friends and I study all the time. And I'm actually 100% serious
  10. I'm bringing my pieces and all my stash and gonna keep it on the dl before I get to know my drom mate. I cannot wait to meet all the new connects since I'm not from around here
  11. Everyone smokes
  12. I only started blazing seriously in university....have fun bro
  13. If you decide you don't want to continue smoking in college, just send that bud my way.
  14. So now I ask, how do I smuggle my stash to college? My dad is helping me move in, so I have to hide a pipe, grinder, papers, and eighth somewhere that he won't see them.
  15. I go to class all the time stoned.... some weed makes me scatter-brained sometimes, but mostly I study hard and get good grades....all while super blazed.:bongin:
  16. #16 Smotpoking, Aug 10, 2011
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    Pipe-If it's small, pocket it, otherwise clean it out to eliminate the smell, and perhaps hide it in a suitcase.
    Weed-tape it to your gooch, otherwise google "how to turn deodorant can into hiding spot"
    Papers-pocket probably considering papers don't take up much room.
    Grinder-same as pipe.

  17. Haha I'd rather not tape my good to my gooch. I was thinking of hiding it among my luggage, like I put a couple g's in my guitar case.
  18. dont listen to the paranoid guy that says tape weed to your gooch fuck that shit lolol just put it all in a box then put that box somewhere inside your bags or your guitar case as you said, im sure your dad's not gonna search through all your stuff to help you unpack, just keep it inside your bag or boxes or whatever :D
  19. I have all my shit in my moving boxes along with a couple bottles haha. Hoping that does the trick
  20. I've once heard of taking a cereal box and throwing your herbsen in a zip and then the box and sending the box to me. Reseal it if you want to. The rest could be pocketed.

    If you're good with your way now though, that works too.

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