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  1. This is just going from bad to worse....I have a blueberry headband and lemon skunk that have both just basically dried up on the branches and everytime I water or feed, the following day a ton of leaves from the under side drop off.... The only one I'm not having to much issue with is my newest breed, The Overseer.... I've even increased the PH of the water going in. I'm not compacted cause the water flows in and through quite well. I'm really starting to think disease of some sort but even with my vast knowledge of plant disease, I don't recognize what it may be. Plus I found a small amount of brown powdery stuff while harvesting recently. It was only in a couple small areas so it could be dust as my place can be dusty.. EXTREMELY FRUSTRATED..... View attachment 2317484 View attachment 2317484 View attachment 2317484 IMAG0121.jpg IMAG0121.jpg IMAG0123.jpg IMAG0124.jpg IMAG0119.jpg

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  2. Those are hurting plants. U need to supply more info for us to help
  3. It doesn't look like the plant is hurting - it appears that it's simply mature and ready for harvest?


  4. Please review my other thread (Long time grower, unknown issue) for all the details or just search Jonathon Sweed..... This is just a continuation of the issue...
  5. If you look at the other photos, you'll see that the flowers are actually drying out right in the plant. The plant to the right is overdue and the one on the left is still 2 weeks out. I have massive leaf drop every day..... Production is still good, just dropping leaves every day....
  6. No matter what it is at this point, whether it's an issue or the plant is close to harvest - there's no "fixing" this plant at this stage of its life. It's time to move on to bigger and better dude.

    "Plant to the right is overdue" - meaning overdue for harvest? If so why isn't it down yet?

    "One on left is two weeks out yet" - either way you're not fixing either - just finish them out and get more going if you haven't already.

  7. I've taken both of them down as they both just continued to get crusty. The point of my thread and seeking help is that this keeps happening. It's not so bad in veg but seems to get worse in flower, especially the last 2 weeks.... This is what I'm trying to figure out. The photos of the two plants weren't for help fixing them, as I know they are not fixable, but to show what they looked like at the end. Trying to fix the overall problem...
  8. Sorry to hear of your struggles. I think changing to Sunshine Pro Mix is a good idea. It seems that the only change between your good and bad harvests was the batch of medium and the time of year.
    I've had root issues in the winter here in New England because I grow in the basement.
    Good luck with your next grow, happy roots make for happy plants!

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  9. Yeah, I'm thinking a change is in order. My last transplant I added
    I'm thinking a change may be in order. On my last transplant I added dolomite lime to one of the plants. Going to watch it and see if it does better than the others. Also, I started using Hydrogaurd and am thinking of adding Vitomino also all in conjunction with Recharge. Thanks for replying..

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