Continuance of earlier story.

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  1. well i obviously blew up earlier, and was unacceptable by city standards, so ill leave this one nice and easy lol.

    BUT i went and saw Tim, he was majorly beaten up, both eyes swollen, he cant see, jaw wired, arm casted, bandages on his head.

    BUT while we were there, a detective shows up, and tim tells him to let ME stay in the room, the other people had to go, well i was like tims translator haha..

    and what came about everything was this. THe cops have arrested 3 out of the 5 people involved so far, and trying to find the other 2(there missing)

    All 5 people are being charged with Attempted Murder, and all will be convicted. dont know the outcome of it all yes though, u know how people make deals and shit. idk.

    But yea. im in a much better mood now

    Im wondering where shoberg and hollinsworth might be though??? hmmm :hello: :cool:


    For people who missed the story earlier. I just ranted and bitched, becasue last night at a party i was not attending, since i was not picked up like promised. My best friend was jumped and seriously injured by 5 people. Close to beaten to death, and all my other bitch friends ran. i woulda been right there taking the beating wtih him. Fuck!

    edit2-Got off the phone with His lil sis just now, and just got bitched at HARDCORE by her for not being there for her brother, called many names, loser, burnout, dropout, pussy, faget, to name a few, by a girl whos virginity i took. She eventually apologized, which ended in me hanging up saying, im there for your brother more than anyone, and in respect for tim i dont talk to you anymore, lets leave it that way, so please FUCK OFF! and hung up.

    TOday can NOT get worse and i dont have weed!
  2. lets go on a man hunt dan :D
  3. im sure that there "disappearance" wasnt of there own choice. lol
  4. hahhahah guess we will know eventually
  5. Wish I was able to read the earlier post...

    But sounds like some shit hit the fan, good luck...
  6. good, it makes it a bit better knowing the people have consequences so:hello::bongin: this ones for tim

  7. so you kidnapped the mofos haha?
  8. of course not
  9. That fucking sucks. good Luck on that shit.
  10. THanks guys. The cat scans he took this morning shows its alot worse than they thought
  11. so you dont know where they are? or do you. i dunno go to the hobby shop by a model rocket engine and then if you see him stick it down his pants and run.
  12. Damn man, one time my bud got beaten like crazy and so me and one other friend literally like searched for the 3 guys for like 2 days asking people shit. We actually found them and scared them so bad by threatening them with knives that they pissed themselves, it was great. But dangerous too cause supposedly one of them carries around a gun sometimes. And we gave the guy fucking massive swollen shut eye with the handle of the knife. I dont live in the ghetto, or dont hang out there or anything, but these kids didnt either so it was just some wannabes.

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