Contest!! Winner Gets Bronze Membership!!!!

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  1. Alright, today I decided I wanted to throw a contest and buy the winner a bronze membership and one for me too via PayPal. So the contest is to see who can make the coolest homemade bong, and when you take a picture of it put a piece of paper next to it or something that says your username. Contest ends and voting starts on Sunday night at 12 am GMT -5!!!!!!
  2. [​IMG]

    Five bucks, Hits great!
  3. Looks cool, what parts did u use?
  4. Novelty drinking cup, foil, tape.
  5. Made this about 4 months ago, its a triple perc and is about 3 feet tall. Used medicine bottles and 2 halves of metal pencil tubes to make the percs, and then just waterbottles. And a metal slide which has been recently upgraded to a glass slide.
  6. How come no one can follow instructions?
  7. i think the PooR guy should post in here hes pretty good lol
  8. How many Homemades can you enter? Cause i have 2 i would like to submit?
  9. Not a very good idea hahah gl tho
  10. Yea dude you have beastly homemades
  11. well its not a bong but i figured my pipe was pretty cool so ill post it


  12. says the guy who violated sig rules :rolleyes:
  13. my bong is a 2 person bong is that allowed
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    Here's my contribution. It's a triple chamber bong, two of them percs. Also with an activated carbon filter


    Here's a few milks as well.

    Me Milking Me Milking
    My Bud milking My Bud Milking

  15. LMAO:smoking:
  16. I was about to make a thread for my new homemade. It's not special at all but my cheap bong broke today while I was cleaning it.

    It's name is "Dime Piece" because in my state bottles have a 10 cent deposit on them.

    Next time I'm out at a store I will be looking for a cool glass bottle or vase and a drill bit.

    Managed to wedge the rubber seal from the bong into the hole so I am air tight with it.

    Poked a small carb hole at the back near the top for my thumb. Then heated the plastic to get the angle how I wanted it on the stem, plus it hardens the plastic in that area to make it more sturdy.

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  17. I think I already know the homemade you'll be submitting and I would just like to say that from what I've seen yours deserve to win :cool:.
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