Contest! Please help me identify this image!

Discussion in 'General' started by Lotek-Rider, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Theres a contest i really want to win and its to identify this image. I think "hhxeb" might be a clue but i dont know really. Its also from a music video.

    any ideas????
  2. pleaze anyone have a slightest clue? I will forever love you! man or women!
  3. Sorry I have no idea but ill give you a bump.
  4. Link to the contest?
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    its a dell monitor with JOINT on it in big letters...
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    theres a (black?) guy standing there with a red hat and sunglasses on
    holding his hands

    looks like hes looking at it through a shop window maybe


    i dont really understand what the question is really
    like he said, its a dell monitor with the word joint written on it (in horrible resolution, btw)

    found your contest

  7. thats exactly what i was about to say:hello:
  8. haha obviously its a dell monitor, but what is the music video its playing?
  9. I swear ive seen this somewhere, just cant remember where lol.
  10. THINK HARDER! I dont know what ill do if you remember but it will defiantly be good!

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